A Year In The Life of a Top Seller on Male Things Worn

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A Year In The Life of a Top Seller on Male Things Worn

I often get asked how I got into selling here on MTW, so I thought I’d share my story. I have even been asked a few times if I own or started the site, and no I don’t and didn’t. I am just a seller that is passionate about selling on here. All of my blogs have always been inspired by questions that I have been asked by my buyers and sellers, so here is another one.

How I Began Selling on Male Things Worn

It all began when the UK went into lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic in March 2020. Years ago I had always been a fan of Calvin Klein underwear and always bought the same black boxer trunks with the red waistband. So much so, that I had over 30 pairs of them. I had noticed that a couple of pairs had disappeared so I quizzed my then-boyfriend, who admitted to me that on a few occasions he had stolen a pair from my laundry basket to jerk off with, because, his words “they smell fucking amazing!” At that moment I kinda thought that was creepy and perverted, and I just brushed it off.

A few years and boyfriends later, when we went into lockdown I decided to have a clear out of my wardrobe including my underwear. I donated most of my unwanted clothes to charity and sold a few of the expensive ones on eBay. But when it came to my underwear I realised that I couldn’t donate used worn-out underwear to charity and I didn’t want to throw them out into landfill. So I thought maybe I could sell them on eBay, but why would anyone want to buy these? Light-bulb moment, and I thought back to what my ex had said. So I started listing them on eBay and offering them worn. I soon had interest and guys asking me to customise further, which at first I hesitated but decided to go for it as it was kind of a turn on. I sold a couple of pairs but soon enough eBay removed my listings and banned me. So I thought there must be somewhere when guys can buy and sell used underwear so I googled it and up popped All Things Worn. What attracted me to the site was that it was all about items that had been worn from underwear to shoes etc, and not some kind of porn site.

When I first joined ATW it was quite a daunting experience, entering an environment primarily dominated by women sellers and a handful of male ones. The majority of buyers on the site were men looking to buy off women, and the male sellers only had one tab for USED MENS things on the site. I listed a couple of items of used underwear and sat back and waited. It was 2 weeks before a buyer messaged me to ask if I had any used black socks. Selling socks wasn’t something that I had really thought about. I mean don’t get me wrong, seeing a guy in nothing but his socks was a turn on (watching any 80’s gay porn, the white socks always stayed on), but actually smelling a guy’s 2-day old socks was not something that had crossed my mind.

So I routed through my sock drawer, photographed and listed them for the customer immediately, and got my first sale! Once he had received his order his feedback was the real game-changer for me. I found it a huge turn on to hear how excited he was to smell my 2-day old socks. I found myself wanting to do more for the buyers and began listing more items. Soon enough the ball started rolling with buyers approaching me and chatting to me, letting me know what they were after, what turned them on and their kinks. This opened up my own mind to new kinks and desires that I had never thought about or explored before. I would often get buyers sending me photos and videos of what they did with my items and how it turned them on. This encouraged me even more.

A Dedicated Platform For Buying/Selling Used Men’s Items

Soon enough more and more guys joined ATW and started selling and the competition soon ramped up, as there were only a few male-only buyers. It was a very female-dominated environment, and a lot of the competition was against the female sellers. As soon as a new male buyer would join they were inundated with messages from women even though the buyer had set their preference as Male Sellers only. As the members on the site expanded the need for a separate male site became obvious and Malethingsworn.com was born. I was one of the first sellers to move over to MTW, which was totally dedicated to male sellers & buyers and it was great!

As much as I missed the chatting and banter with the girls, (and I learnt a hell of a lot from them), MTW was a blessing. Here we could focus on the guys that were looking to buy off guys without the white noise. Immediately there was an uplift in my sales and the MTW community began to form. I made a lot of suggestions to Admin on how we could improve the site and create a better experience for buyers as well as sellers, and was soon asked to write a blog post for the site.

Writing My First Blog Post

The reaction to my first blog post Tips on How to Become a Top Seller was amazing. I had never really thought of myself as a writer, and the feedback from sellers and buyers was a real confidence boost. This then inspired me to write one for buyers Beginners Guide to Being a Great Buyer followed by Buyers - How To Protect Yourself & What To Do When Things Go Wrong when one of my customers came to me for advice after being scammed by another seller. Still to this day, I get new buyers and sellers reach out to say thanks after reading one of my blogs, and that really makes my day! After all positive feedback from sellers & buyers, I decided to turn my hand to writing erotica, and wrote some erotic fantasy short stories inspired by some of the kinks from the site and added them to my shop page.

Providing Good Customer Service

I had worked for many years within the retail industry in the past, so I decided to apply what I had learnt to my page. I know the meaning of good customer service and how to create a good retail experience. I soon adapted my profile and shop page to suit what I was being asked for and added to my collection by creating variety and choice to suit all tastes. I routed through my own underwear and sock draws as well as my partners and began listing things in various sizes and styles. If I was ever asked for something I didn’t have then I would source the item and add it to my page. Retail shopping became even more of a pleasure as I was buying things that I think would turn my customers on, and also trying things that I never would have before. I have always been a believer in buying quality goods and that is what I decided to sell. You pay for what you get in life, You buy cheap, then you get cheap quality and service.

I never pre-prepare anything, it is always prepared to order according to a customer's requirements. Everyone has different kinks, tastes, and sensitivities. Some customers want strong pungent smells, others want light clean smells. Some want dirty and stained, others want clean looking. Some want BO others want musky. Some want cum and piss, others only want sweat. What one customer’s nose thinks is strong, another will think it’s not. I have been asked for a lot of what I thought were strange kinks, but I am not here to judge anyone and always done my best to fulfil them. What some would think is repulsive, another would think a huge turn on. If it is something I am not comfortable with, then I would say so and recommend another good seller that might be able to help the customer out.

Fulfilling Kinks & Desires

Yes, for me this is a financial thing but also I enjoy it. I have never really thought of myself as a sex worker (hence one of the reasons I don’t do photos or videos). For me it has always been about fantasy and sharing my scented worn items with others, and fulfilling people's kinks and desires. This has put me at a disadvantage as there are many buyers that will only buy from sellers that show face or body photos, but thankfully there are also many that are more interested in the product and the service than seeing a photo. I can be whoever your mind wants me to be, it’s all about your imagination. I offer quality products and my reviews speak for themselves.

When I joined ATW/MTW there weren’t many people selling photos and videos to start with, as it was all about selling items that have been worn (hence the names of the sites). I think it is a real shame as both sites have become more about the photo & videos and less about the worn items. I feel there are plenty of sites out there that specialise in photos, videos, live shows, sub/dom, hook up etc; and people should sell/shop there. However I understand that there is customer demand for this on this site, hence the supply and demand.

From when I started selling a year ago, my items have reached all four corners of the world. I have sold items like used underwear to worn shoes, socks to clothing, cum to piss. Even things that I never would have thought I would do had you asked me before this kinky adventure began.

Don’t get me wrong it has not all been a bed of roses on here, I have seen many ups and downs during my time on ATW/MTW including undercutting, liars and time-wasters. I’ve had my bio, product descriptions, and items blatantly copied many times before, but you just have to take that with a pinch of salt. I have always been open and helpful, answering questions and offering advice to both sellers and buyers, and my blog posts were all written to help everyone. I don’t get paid to write these blogs, I do them to be helpful, so all I ask is for a little kindness in return. It’s not nice being blocked or ghosted when you don’t know why, especially if you have done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, jealousy, envy, and competition do exist in this environment, even though there are plenty of customers for all of us. But as Taylor Swift once said “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate” so we gotta “Shake it off, Shake it off!”

Friendship & Community

On the plus side, I have made some good friends and it’s a great community to be a part of on MTW. The love and the support from the community is a huge boost. We can have a laugh and a joke, make sexy comments and check out some of the eye candy (there is something for everyone here). There are some great buyers/sellers that are polite and lovely to chat too. I remember, one day when I was feeling really down and considering giving up, one of the top buyers just randomly sent me a message, saying how much he was still enjoying some Calvins he bought off me months before, it really made my day. The fact that something I did was still bringing someone pleasure made it all worth the while.

A lot of hard work and time goes into being a good seller on MTW, and that hard work pays off when customers return to buy more from you. I really enjoy what I do on here, and it’s a real pleasure to make people happy

As I approach my first year of being on ATW/MTW, I wanted to say a huge thank you to the site, admin, my fellow members, and buyers for an amazing first 12 months and here’s to the next 12! 🥂


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