Mikey, the Trainer - Erotica

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Mikey, the Trainer - Erotica

This happened the summer I was twenty. I’d always been an athletic kid and was a high school swimmer, but when I was in college, I decided to get more into weightlifting. At the time, I was trim and lean, but definitely not very muscular, so I started going to this old-school, 24-hour gym in town–you know, brick walls, open showers, barely any heat in the winter aside from whatever the guys working out put off–that kind of place.

Most of the guys who went there were your blue-collar types who just wanted to get strong and put on muscle without concerns about cutting and aesthetics. Hard, big dudes who could move heavy stuff around with nothing but grit and some grunting. Being new to lifting, I was a little intimidated, so I usually reserved my workouts for later hours when I knew there would be fewer people around.

One night, I was alone working on my bench press. It was a hot and humid night, and the place only had the fans going. I was sweating just walking in, so I wasn’t performing at my best. As I’m lying on the bench trying to put up the bar on my second set, I can tell I’m not gonna make it. The weight was just too much. If you’ve ever weight lifted before, you know getting stuck under a bar sucks and I suddenly worried about how I was going to bail out. Just then, as I’m struggling to get the bar off my chest, I see this shadow over me, and I feel the weight start to lift.

With the bar re-racked, I catch my breath and I see this dude, maybe early 30s, with a thick beard, a head of curly black hair, and what looks like thick, wiry hair covering his entire chest underneath a thin tank top standing over me.

“Hey, I’m Mikey,” he says. His voice was deep with a gruff edge to it. “You alright?”

“Yeah, man,” I say, trying to keep my cool. “I think the heat is just getting to me a bit.”

“I hear ya,” he says. “Mind if I give you a few pointers? I’m sort of a trainer and I might be able to help with your form, even in this heat.”

Being a newbie, of course I said yes–plus this dude was jacked with massive, hairy, rippling muscles that looked like they were bursting out of him. If I had even a slim chance to look like him, I’d do whatever he said.

I laid back on the bench and he stood behind me with his legs straddled over my head. He then spotted me and coached me through the lift. Instantly my bench press felt better, but the real prize was catching sight of his monstrous bulge dangling over my face. He was wearing these grey, cotton sweat shorts and you could see the clear outline of his shaft and head. From the immediate angle, it looked like he was packing some serious meat.

As I continued to push up the weight, he started squatting down a little lower to help me with the bar. It was then that I caught a whiff of the most enticing scent I’d ever smelled. The temperature seemed to have gotten to Mikey too and the wafting heat from inside his shorts was ripe. It was salty and wet with a hint of sour man funk that got me immediately hard.

I don’t know if he noticed the rock-hard cock in my gym shorts or if he was just getting turned on too, but Mikey squatted deeper again and brought his bulge even closer to my face. Every time I do a rep, he moves closer and closer to my face. The smell was intoxicating–this mix of sweat and musk that had me more turned on than I’d ever been before. I licked my lips, and I could swear I saw a drop of precum starting to leak through the fabric of his shorts.

About a minute later, I finished up the set and Mikey stepped back as I sat up to face him. He casually raised his arms overhead to stretch, letting out a relaxed grunt, and revealing not just his delicious-looking damp pits but also a thicket of dark hair that seemed to run down his hard belly and into his shorts. I don’t know if my mouth was open, but I couldn’t help but stare at this specimen of hard, hairy masculinity.

“Hey, I’ve got something in my locker I think you might be interested in,” he said, running a hand under his tank top. Just then, I watched his dick flex and bounce in his shorts as he stared directly at me. The thin material looked like it could barely contain his now raging hardon and a damp wet spot had definitely formed where his cock head would be.

I just nodded and walked with him back to the locker room, following the sweat stain that formed on his shorts in the crack of his ass as it swayed in front of me. On the way, I only saw one or two other guys in the gym, meaning we probably had the locker room to ourselves. My heart started to race, and my dick flexed a little imagining what waited in there.

Mikey confidently strode into the locker room, walking past a few rows of lockers before making a left into the vestibule. I didn’t hear any of the showers going and the room otherwise looked empty. The smell of stale sweat and piss from the urinals filled my nostrils, making me feel a little heady. As Mikey got to the last locker, he turned around to face me. His face was intense, but mischievous. He glanced down at the fat bulge of his shorts and then gave me a devilish smirk. Without missing a beat, I dropped down to my knees before his crotch.

“May I?” I asked, my voice seeming a million miles away. He nodded and I pressed my face into the fabric of his shorts. While there was a faint hint of laundry soap, the overwhelming smell was of Mikey’s sweat. Salty and ripe. A masculine aroma of near overripeness and funk. I opened my mouth and pressed it against the outline of his rock-hard penis. A guttural moan escaped my mouth, muffled by the fabric and I pressed in harder.

Mikey let out a satisfied groan of his own and began to move his hips ever so slightly, rubbing his hardon against me. It felt incredible pressed against my mouth and nose, and I thought I might lose it then and there. But I wanted more. After a few seconds, I leaned back and, looking him directly in the eyes, just asked “please?”

He smirked again and lowered his shorts, revealing his juicy, veiny, uncut cock. It wasn’t super long, but it was thick and nestled in a bush of untrimmed, black public hair. It looked so delicious. A single bead of liquid had accumulated at the tip. I bent forward again and lapped up the precum that was leaking out.

“Fuck,” was all I managed to say before I rushed forward to swallow his whole member in a single gulp, burrowing my nose into his untamed bush. The smell was pungent–he definitely had been working out, maybe after sweating all day–and my dick got even harder. I ran my tongue all around his hard piece, practically slobbering on his incredible manhood.

I undid my own shorts and started jerking as I sucked fervently on this furry muscle god’s hot, smelly meat. I slurped and sucked, mixing my saliva with his sweat and precum, and hungrily devouring his fermented offering. Mikey groaned through gritted teeth and ran his hands through my sweaty hair and along my cheek. I could feel the rough calluses from his palms, and I got even hotter thinking about the strength and virility of this man.

I moved down to his hairy, ball sack, needing to taste the delicious funk that lived there. He continued to stroke himself as I licked and sucked the man-stink off of his sack, moving the balls around in my mouth with my tongue. There was a delicious hint of ass just underneath the sack and I couldn’t help but pump my own cock harder as I licked and sniffed at it. My eyes practically rolled in the back of my head, the sharp taste of it was so good.

Switching back to his cock, I continued to fondle his balls with my one hand while I jerked myself with the other. It was only a few moments later when he said he was gonna cum and I held out my tongue, ready to receive his offering. With a few pumps of his wrist, hot streams of white, salty cum shot all over my mouth and tongue and I immediately dove back onto his throbbing cock to get every last drop of it.

Mikey’s hips twisted and thrust as I sucked out the last of his cum and he let out a beastly groan that seemed to echo through the locker room. If anyone else was in there, they definitely heard that.

I continued to jerk my own cock with his softening manhood in my mouth, while some of the drool from my slobbering landed on my dick, giving me a bit of lubrication. With the sour taste of his cum, sweat, musk, and the slight metallic remnant of the barbell from his hands all mixing together, it took no more than a few seconds before I unleashed my load. Ropy, sticky fluid shot across my stomach and all the way up to my newly pumped chest. My muffled moans came out hard and erratic.

Feeling like I had just run a marathon, I finally pulled myself away from his delicious cock and let go of my own. Mikey just looked down at me and ran a thumb along my chin before giving me another devilish smile.

I’ll never forget that night or the other late night training sessions that Mikey and I had together that summer.

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