How to Write An Effective Bio on MTW

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How to Write An Effective Bio on MTW

You are making yourself stand out as a seller. You also want to establish your rules boundaries etc. You realize that coming in here is like being a seller on Mercari or eBay. Today we are going to discuss what to put in your bio on MTW to get yourself noticed by other buyers so they know how to take yourself seriously.

Your bio is basically telling people about yourself. You can write a little bit about yourself or a lot. You can keep it short like “just an 18-year-old finishing high school this year ready to cum for ya” or “just a flight attendant by day, a sexy man at night” etc. You can use these as short bios to catch other buyers to see the type of person you are. But what if you wanted to write a longer one? Writing a longer one should really capture who you are, but also how you will conduct business as yourself as a seller.

Writing a bio on yourself a detailed bio is a good idea. You can let people know how responsible you are as a seller and how you roll. You can answer all the essential questions on how you will conduct your business on MTW. This saves you time and energy from people asking dumb or needless questions when they have all the information needed in the bio section!

Start out with something catchy

You need to start out with something catchy to get people to kind of know who you are as a person. You know how in advertisements you see things like “Geico 15 minutes could save you 15%or more on car insurance.”?That is a catchphrase or motto that kind of sticks with you if you use it for yourself.

Like let us say you are a high school student, you can say “Just a high school senior trying to save up money to go to College”; “Boring accountant in the day, a sexy boy at night” or “boring office worker in the day time, a sexy man at night”. Those are things to help catch on buyers in the first place. That needs to stick with them the first thing they see in your bio. It would be your motto or logo or catchphrase to essentially give a glimpse of who you are!

Give an overall introduction to your business

After you have written your motto or catchphrase down, you can either right after it or in the same paragraph, say something simple for people to see how laid back you like “I am here to answer all your questions and if you would like something that is not advertised in the shop, please message me and I can take any requests”. You can also include later in the paragraph “I am here to chat if you like a friend to talk to.”

You want to lay down how cool you are as a person or you might get people thinking you are some strict person who does not want to cross pass with. You need to make yourself friendly to all prospective customers to help them be ones who can build your audience. Having an introduction like this helps people at least catch the quick essence of who you are, in case they do not have time to read your entire bio.

Getting your bio content together

Now, you want to establish each of your different paragraphs into sections so your buyers know how you run your shop. The order of how you want things to go is up to you.

Copyright at the end of your bio

One thing to keep in mind, is copyright issues. Many people on here are going on MTW while under the radar from their families and employers. Some people want their customers to take their seller’s privacy or safety very seriously. Well to help ease hopefully this issue of outing someone to the world, the easiest thing to do is put at the end of your bio about the copyright issue. You just need to write on here “The copyright of the material contained on my page is owned by myself. You do not have permission to use, copy, reproduce, print, play in public or screenshot any of my material without prior permission. Copyright (current year). All rights reserved.” I just for me put 2021 to show when I implemented the copyright rule and had it since I started MTW in 2021.


You can have your customers leave you random tips, especially if it is just to show they like you and want to be nice out of the blue or if it is because you did a good job with their orders. If you leave a sentence like “you are always allowed to give me tips if you like me or not.” It's just a courtesy thing basically.


You need to clearly explain your refund policy to customers. You should establish that if you say “if items are delivered, you can no longer be allowed for a refund” so the buyer knows this once the payment is made. You can also state how you need your buyer and you to work and talk to each other from the purchase up to delivery so the customer is aware of the state of the product so the item comes as the customer demands. This helps so the customer is aware of what is going on with the item so they are not surprised at the end if the item is not what they expected. Also, the customer if they did pay, they cannot skimp out. This helps them know that you as the seller are seriously doing their order as demanded.


Obviously, you cannot bid on items like you can on eBay or Mercari. However, I do not see a lot of people fighting over a used condom or used underwear at all really. Bidding is more useful towards your own personal clothing. Like if you had a rare Michael Jackson or Miley Cyrus shirt that nobody wears or sells anymore, you can sell it on here to make cash.


Let your buyers know you are completely open to requests, and tell them how much you should or would charge for each request. Let them know you are open to any creative ideas.


You will need to make sure you absolutely clear to customers about how much and your method of shipping. Some sellers I see will ship for free if it is domestic. If you do international shipping, please tell them you are going to make the buyer cover international shipping fees.

Understand that the seller has to buy his own shipping label in the first place to have it shipped to the buyer and that is why the buyer will need to buy the shipping price. Some domestic sellers will still charge domestic customers because shipping costs money on the seller’s end in the first place. You can tell buyers you have a set ship fee to all domestic buyers. You must always provide tracking numbers.

Payment methods

Make sure to tell customers what your accepted payment methods are. If you tell them you are only doing KinkCoins, tell them for example, that you must use kink coins as the payment method no exceptions! You should say what payment methods you will use too when buying as a buyer so it is clear to both parties.


We are not on here 24/7 obviously. So why not create your “business hours” or “office hours”. If you were here on Mon-Fridays 9 to 5, list that as your operating time so customers know when to expect you to be online. Because many of us are busy with regular day jobs, you should let your buyers know that you are not on here 24/7 so that way they know when and how you are online and when you can speak to customers.

Also, make sure to let customers know that if they are in debate over items and they are hesitant and not sure, let them know you are not going to sit and wait for any customers and that they need to message you back when they are ready to make an order. You can also let customers understand that all customers must keep the communications on MTW for both of your safety.

Last words or miscellaneous

You can add whatever paragraphs or subheadings to your bio that you would feel sufficient or just group all in the last paragraph before your “copyright” section. Here is where you can explain everything else you need to explain here so they are aware of your rules and how you roll. This is the section of miscellaneous things you can explain that does not fit into other subsections. This is the part where you can let buyers know you do nudes or not.

You can also write here that you can decide at any time if you decide when you are not comfortable with anything at the last minute that you would give the buyers a refund. You can also let people know that you are ok with showing your face or you are a “no face” seller. You can also warn people you do not offer financial aid if you do not want people to feel like coming to you as a charity when trying to be as affordable as you can. This is the perfect bit to explain bits you can emphasize but also other random facts buyers need to know about you.

What other tips do you have? Let us know in the comments below

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