Quick Start Guide for Beginners - Tips for Attracting Buyers & Profile Promotion

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Quick Start Guide for Beginners - Tips for Attracting Buyers & Profile Promotion

I started selling with MTW a couple years ago and often have newcomers to the site approach me and say they are struggling to get their profile off the ground. So whether you’re new to the site or just looking to boost your sales, here are a few quick tips to promote your profile and attract buyers:

Profile Pic

Your main profile pic is your greeting card and main attraction point which will garner interest in your profile. People like to window shop so put your best foot forward and take a very sexy or suggestive profile pic.

A Detailed Bio

Don’t be afraid to add detail to your profile. Write a succinct bio which highlights your attributes and appeal. This is often a good time to include your profession, hobbies or lifestyle which come into play when you’re describing the items you have for sale. For example, if you’re an avid gym goer, speak to that. Alternatively, if for example you work in some form of trades it may be beneficial to speak to that and later reference this in some way when you are posting items. Include some free photos in your bio and don’t be afraid to entice visitors to your profile with some instant content if you’re comfortable with that.

Appeal to your strengths. If you’re muscular show that off. If you’re hairy, show that off. If you’ve got a big dick, show it off (discreetly)!

Convey what exactly you’re offering in your profile. There are a limited number of built-in tags with the site, but you can get creative and list which items or services provided in much greater detail and in your own words within your profile. This will help filter out some of the requests you may not be comfortable filling and give you a good sense of boundaries, which can be very important to establish from the onset on a site like this.

Creating a Listing Photo and Description

Accompany each post with a good description/narrative. People are buying the underwear and the history that goes along with each pair. Ensure each item is unique in some way and speak to the level of wear or what the item has been through in its time with you.

Post images of your item that are both flattering and informative. Don’t forget the background of each image is an important factor. Take photos of your items in situ. For example, if you are wearing your underwear to the gym then snap some photos in the locker room (ensure it is safe to do so!).

Customer Service

Offer customizations or progress photos to accompany a sale. Ensure your buyers and their desires are well taken care of. Selling used underwear and other gear is an innately sexy experience so have fun with it!

Treat potential buyers with respect and kindness. You may receive some peculiar, dismissive or even degrading messages from buyers and while it’s important for you to maintain a sense of self-respect and maintain boundaries - remember as a seller it is incumbent on you to remain friendly and ultimately professional. Don’t burn bridges, if a buyer is making you feel uncomfortable in anyway refer to your boundaries and reiterate what you are here to sell. Recall that factors such as language barriers or the fact that nuances such as tone/intention are difficult to convey in a written message. Sellers may come across as short or rude when really, it’s a matter of miscommunication. Some of my best buyers/repeat customers have come about as a result of rapport building and ensuring they feel comfortable while talking to me.


Maintain strong and consistent communication and check your messages regularly. Most buyers are looking for someone who can respond quickly and while you certainly need to live your life outside the site, messages left unanswered will certainly stymie your sales and ability to promote your profile. If there are certain days of the week or times of the day you cannot respond to messages, then include that in your profile. Additionally, be aware that some buyers have been scammed/burned in the past and may be very nervous about buying an item from a stranger online.

Mitigate this by building up positive reviews through honest and fulfilling interactions with your buyers as well as responding to message promptly throughout the buying process. Note, the most anxious period for most buyers is the time between when payment has been made and the time the product is received by the buyer - ensure you are communicating especially consistently during this time. I find sending a photo of the parcel upon shipping to be a great way to assure buyer that their item is on its way.

Become Part of the Community

Connect with other sellers. Collaborations are a sure-fire way to increase sales and make your profile stand out. You may also draw inspiration and get tips from your fellow sellers who are, more often than not, happy to help a newcomer to the site get started. This is a community of buyers and sellers, support each other and ensure your product is as good as your word - reputation is important and a few good or bad reviews can make or break your ability to sell.


TLDR? Be kind, be communicative, be sexy and flirtatious, be professional, be good to your word - deliver what you’re advertising and have fun with it!

By JockeJunk

Hairy 6”2, 220 lb Canadian guy who works in law enforcement. Typically wear a lot of heavy gear for work so I’m always pretty sweaty. • Underwear • Shirts • Socks and...

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CoatCheck As one of his first buyers back in the day when he first joined, I can definitely vouch for what's said below. He was a pro from the moment he came on the scene. Great asset to the community.

YourJockBuddy Listen to JockeJunk - he knows what he's talking about. Not just a hot guy - genuine and kind too.

P_B Good blog. Especially like the piece about the time period from shipping the product to it being received. So many sellers vanish at this time and the rapport is lost.

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