The Best Way To Ship Men's Used Underwear - Part 2

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The Best Way To Ship Men's Used Underwear - Part 2

I have already done a blog on mailing your used undies on MTW, however, I have more to say. As I am writing this, you already can see shipping prices, well mostly because of flying gas prices going up, so you can see how most stores online are changing their shipping prices from “free shipping” to either a higher “free shipping” threshold or to a set shipping fee you will have no choice to make.

Understand the background of shipping prices

You need to please understand that when you are ordering online to your house, there are always costs for the business or seller to pay on their end to get shipping done. They will have to pay for shipping supplies like tape, boxes, envelopes etc. They will also have to pay on their own money to the shipping carrier for a shipping label. That costs money right out of their own pocket which is why some businesses will either suck up the shipping cost for you or make you pay for it in the first place.

Buy a Postal Scale and measuring tape

You need to buy a postal scale seriously! You actually have to measure the weight of your package (items inside the shipping container with the ship thing) and measure the dimensions of the shipping container.

The reason for this is if you underestimate the dimensions at all, the postal service however and whoever you used, can hit you later as a month with “surcharges”. “Surcharges” are when your measurements are off either too big or too little, and you paid less than what is actually supposed to be, you then get charged the surcharge for the right amount.

That is why you have to buy a postal scale to measure out the weight of your package before you ship it out. If you do not have a scale, you can guestimate that most small boxes are about a pound and you might want to weight out to the nearest pound so maybe round up to two pounds if you think the weight is heavier than a pound to be safe. Also, you can get a measuring tape to measure the length of your own boxes or envelopes when measuring out the dimensions. You need to be as accurate as you can or else you get the “surcharges” hit back to you.

Seller safety when mailing and shipping around your home

Please do not use your own address or name when shipping out your mail to protect your privacy! This is to prevent stalkers from stalking you or extorting you at all! One thing you can do when you do ship things out to customers is to use a business near your house as the return address. This is again to ensure you are calculating shipping costs correctly or else you get the “surcharge”.

Let us take an example. Let us say you are living in Baltimore but you drive 1 hour each way to work each way to work in Washington, D.C. Well let us say you put the dimesions correctly, and you are shipping off to someone in New York City. Let us say (I am making up numbers) you are mailing your best friend there a box with goodies and the ship label you paid for is $9. However, because you are mailing your item in DC, you assume it is convenient. Then postal services come back a month later and says you owe $13 instead because you miscalculated the distance! So that is why you need to make sure where you are shipping from is close to where you live or where you ship from. If you live in Baltimore, and are deciding to ship in Ellicott City because it is close by, then it is ok, and you can could get away with shipping costs fine. But if you ship in another state or city far away from Baltimore, then you can still get the surcharge.

Determining Shipping Costs for MTW and how to ship

Lots of sellers here are either ok with shipping items to customers for free or with a shipping fee regardless of the location of the customers. Shipping internationally is very expensive which is why few sellers will ship to international customers for free and will force the customers to pay the shipping cost on their end to help offset the shipping cost the seller will have to pay on their own end to buy a shipping label.

If the customers are domestic, some sellers offer free shipping to people while others will charge a set fee for costs. If you want to save money, your best option is to save any envelopes and Styrofoam envelopes from your online orders to use for MTW. Because they are light to use, you should use USPS to ship from your own mailbox.

The reason for shipping from your own mailbox is to avoid going to the post office with something light and they feel the texture of your mail so they do not get suspicious of just shipping your used underwear (basically avoid awkward interactions at the post office).

Plus because it is so lightweight, you should just ship from your own mailbox (if you have one) with USPS so you can just drop it in, and have the mailman pick it up from your house while you away from home. The lighter the package, the cheaper.

Also, going to the post office is only needed to do so if you have a box that cannot fit inside your mailbox in the first place. Remember some post offices let you drop the mail and leave while others especially if it’s a small post office will require you to talk to the customer service desk person and scan it and inspect it which can be awkward if your package feels or looks suspicious. USPS is extremely 50-50 feels. Half the time, it reaches on time while the other half it is lost for around up to 3 weeks in transit before hitting customers or even getting lost in transit!

If you use USPS, please consider the risk. It is highly suggested to use USPS Priority Mail because of the risk, but even USPS Priority Mail can get lost but the chances of delays are a lot lower with it than First Class. Preferably that is why I use UPS which is more reliable because it hardly ever gets lost in transit in the first place and you can scan the package in person and just go. It is quicker and lines are less than going to USPS Post office!

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Master_Reid Whilst I love the mainly supportive community that is MTW I have to say I disagree with this particular blog (both the content and the language used) I would encourage users to avoid the advice in this blog such as using a fake address. It’s implied throughout the blog that you should take steps to avoid suspicion? What is there to be suspicious about? It’s not illegal to send clothing through the mail, but this user is encouraging others to use false details (such as name/address) which is illegal. To suggest it’s a must to buy a postage scale as well is not accurate. This blog does more harm then good. I don’t like how you used the word “force” when you spoke about making the buyer pay for shipping. I, like many other on here are proud of what we sell and I think most buyers are happy to pay a premium to get that they want. @Pinklemonadeparadise good on you for having a go and trying to contribute something but this feels like it’s written from the perspective of your own very unique experience and anxieties rather than being a factual or helpful guide for the masses. My advice to you would be to gain some further exposure selling before you starting trying to provide best practice education, and to anyone reading the blog if you found it helpful then great but it’s not good advice in my opinion.

HornyH @Pinklemonadeparadise shipping internationally doesn’t even require a blog, speak to your local post office about your national requirements. They will run you through your process, I see you’ve written in this blog that packages are suspicious items etc etc, they’re not. Worn items of clothing are far from illegal and rather than writing about how they’re suspicious etc, it’s about time we worked as a community to get rid of this stigma. If you simply said “clothing” to the post office worker, that would be fine and case closed. The best and easiest way to ship something domestically and internationally is honestly, use the correct return address and use the correct description of the package (clothing is suitable). If you’re uncomfortable with parting with your return address etc, I suggest you re-consider this line of work, as it is part of it.

Pinklemonadeparadise @clayboss4 i would love a blog on how to ship internantioanlly because that would be very helpful because i dont know how you are supposed to do so, plus it sounds like shippung itseslf is a long wait time anyways and plus some sellers want total privacy when using a return address.

Pinklemonadeparadise @JayJay i would love for a blog on internantional shipping. that be helpful . however, having a return address especially for that sounds still like a lot of trouble and time waiting on mailing items.

JayJay @pinklemonadeparadise I get your blog is aimed at the USA sellers, however there are sellers on here from all over the world (more than the USA) so what you have said is not relevant to all. Also please don’t discourage international sellers and buyers from trading when it’s looks like you have very little experience in doing international transactions. I would advise speaking to other sellers and gather knowledge about international transactions and shipping before posting blogs with such facts

JayJay @clayboss4 You are correct there is nothing illegal about selling overseas and it’s best to be honest with the return address as I have had things come back to me when they were undeliverable

JayJay @Sock_Man totally agree!

Clayboss4 It’s both legal and safe to do so , adhering to their laws of import and tacking into account any cultural regulations. The act of buying and selling these items is not an illegal activity or something anyone should be ashamed about enough to have to hide the fact. I appreciate your views however it’s when views are then taken on by others and made to feel they should be ashamed .

Pinklemonadeparadise @Clayboss4 thats why you should not be selling things like undies to buyers overseas

Clayboss4 I would be wary about using a false mail address ( I.e Committing PERJURY) for the sake of posting items that are NOT contraband . Especially with so many sellers who post internationally and are required to fill out a customs declaration taking the advice.

Sock_Man So, maybe I shouldn’t even get involved and say anything, but, this blog don’t set well with me at all. First, where are the facts that it’s as typical as you say for the USPS to lose things for weeks? That’s crazy. I’ve never had an issue like that in my entire life. Second, I’m pretty sure it’s like a federal offense to use an address other than yours. You can’t just use someone elses address for the heck of it. Maybe it’s just me, but I sure as heck would rather the mailman deliver these things than the UPS driver. Sorry, but something seems odd about this entire blog 🤷‍♂️

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