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Looking for used mens socks? Look no further! We are the leading ecommerce platform for the buying and selling of well-worn mens. Not only that… we are a community of sock lovers!! If you love men's feet and want to purchase some some used socks, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you will find thousands of ripe, sticky socks, ready to walk their way into your hands. You can choose from our vast array of items, select your perfect seller and palace an order directly online, using our secure payment processor. You don’t even need to worry about disclosing your payment details, you can purchase via KinkCoins, meaning no one needs to see your name! We even let you pay using Crypto!

What are you waiting for? Our dirty items are waiting for you. So join thousands of buyers and sellers and enjoy smelling those dirty socks!

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JocksCloset UK

White Puma Sport...

White Puma sports socks. Message me about any add-ons for instance... more than happy to wear these so...

7.50 GBP 96


Wild Wednesday Socks😏...

Have a wild Wednesday with these stinky work socks😉...

15.00 GBP 191

SweatyScientist CA

Sports Socks...

My socks get very hot and sweaty throughout the day. Comes with 24 hour wear, vacuum sealed...

19.00 USD 190

ArmyBoy123 US

Used Army Socks...

These are well used . Walked miles in them with sweat in my boots ....

20.00 USD 200

Lee007 UK

Sweaty Gym Socks...

2 pairs socks I've worn in the gym 15 Inc p+p...

15.00 GBP 191

Straight_sox US

Long Socks Stained...

This pair has been worn out. Stained up, smelly, and nice & stretched out!...

10.00 USD 100

OurThingsWorn UK

Sweat Soaked Socks...

A pair of heavily worn socks from S, he'll make sure they're soaked in sweat multiple times to...

15.00 GBP 191

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A Guide to Buying Men’s Used Socks.

Did you know that out of all of the fetishes that exist to arouse people, a foot fetish is by far the most common? Rather than being seen as a taboo, as it once was, people are now shouting from the rooftops about their desire for feet and lockdown actually boosted the market. Being denied the chance to rendezvous in person encouraged people to buy more used items as an attempt to connect and feel closer to another human being.

The smell of another person can be deemed as comforting, especially when you are being deprived of any human contact. However, there is another fetish that relates to selling worn socks and that is Olfactophilia. Olfactophilia-is sexual arousal derived from smells and odours, especially from the human body.

It is not so uncommon, in fact, there are fetish websites catering specifically to this particular fetish (including Male Things Worn) and it is gaining in popularity. Buyers of dirty socks experience sexual pleasure and arousal when sniffing smelly, dirty socks and other items such as used shoes and panties.

I Want to Buy Some Smelly Socks, Where do I Start?

Here on Male Things Worn, we are sure that we have something that will suit everyone. We have sellers listing used socks from all around the world and most are happy to discuss any special requests that you may have.

Firstly, think about what you are in the market for, are you looking for a particular brand, colour or style? On our website we have an easy-to-use function that enables you to filter sellers and products on offer. By using this function, you can narrow down your search to find exactly what you are looking for.

Every buyer on our site has their own personal preferences and being able to communicate with the sellers allows you to make specific requests for a particular type, brand or way the socks should be worn.

Requests can include factors like asking the seller to wear the socks for a run or at the gym, most sellers will ask you to pay more for anything specific and asking the seller to spit or ejaculate into them will most likely come with an extra charge.

What Types of Dirty Socks Can I Buy?

At Male Things Worn, there is an extensive range of worn socks on offer. They can usually be filtered by the following criteria:

How Do i Find a Good Seller?

The first thing you need to do is get browsing. Have a look at what is on offer. Get a feel for the platform and use the search function to specify your criteria.

Check out the photos- the more photos that a seller has, the easier it will be for you to see the product and know exactly what you are buying. The photos should be clear and show the item from multiple different angles. You can request more photos if you wish.

Read the description carefully- the description should tell you everything you need to know about the socks. It should include any unique features and even describe that they smell like. Read the description thoroughly and ask the seller for any more information if you should need it.

Developing a personal connection- if you really want the full experience of the used socks, I recommend speaking to the seller first, asking questions about them and getting to know them. This way, when you receive the socks, it will be a more personal experience and you will feel more connected to the person who has sent them.

Check out reviews- the reviews and ratings that the seller has will give a good indication as to what to expect when you buy an item from them. The higher the rating, the better the service, and make sure to give the seller a review of your own experience with them.

Make sure to always ask for the socks to be sent discreetly in a zip lock bag to retain the odour.

Why use Male Things Worn to Buy Men’s Used Socks?

Here at Male Things Worn we provide a safe and secure platform where men can connect with one another, to buy and sell smelly used socks, free from any judgement or prejudice. There is a huge community of men waiting to chat to you and share their fetish and desires. We developed the website because we understand the desire to buy and sell worn and used items and have therefore created a unique platform that allows buyers and sellers to do just that.

We have created a global marketplace where you can find exactly what you are looking for and can even choose from a number of ways to make and receive payments. Transactions can be made securely and anonymously, and you can guarantee that our team behind the scenes will be there to help if you should need us.


If you are venturing into buying or selling used socks or even used mens underwear, Male Things Worn is the place to be. We have developed a platform specifically for men, where you can peruse the market before you commit to buying or selling anything. Our website offers you a safe and secure space where you can delve into fetishes and fulfill all of your needs.

With an easy-to-use platform and a straightforward transactional process, you will be sniffing those socks in no time and although this is still considered a somewhat niche market, we pride ourselves on providing a website that caters to all things well-worn, so don’t delay, get browsing and buying today!

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