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Trackieladsfag UK

Should a sub fag have shaved pubes


1 | Texansoldier87 FactoryMan

LetsTryThiiisOut US

Would it be hot for two dudes to bust in the same pair of underwear you receive? 😈


0 | Ginger_Otter LetsTryThiiisOut Hardworker30 Dean_Martin

Joesfunhouse US

Who wants to see me cum all my stomach?


0 | MasterDomBoss Hardworker30

Jackedathlete US

Got a few more real sweaty baseball caps I've been wearing a lot lately when I work out...should I let them go on here? ;)


0 | Hardworker30

Jerseybluedog US

Buyers, what is the type of guy you like to shop from? What is your preferred seller


0 | Pantsandsocksguy69

Jerseybluedog US

Logos and catchy names are good marketing techniques, but they need to be discreet, while at the same time signify your brand. Something like Muscle Max or daily Duds is better than something like creamy cum or dirty undies? You agree


1 | Pantsandsocksguy69 The_real_deal 3StepsAhead SmellyRugbyJocks FactoryMan

Jerseybluedog US

Is professional looking Packaging important to you as a buyer? When things arrive they look official?


1 | Pantsandsocksguy69 3StepsAhead SmellyRugbyJocks FactoryMan

SweatyJock865 US

What’s the Sexiest Color Underwear?


0 |

Hardworker30 AT

Would you pay if someone got a tattoo of your choice?


0 |

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