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Let’s talk bollocks… how do you like yours?

2 | Servunow 3Percent JustAGuy

JustAGuy US

What do you guys think is the best part of the body? Personally, mine is pits.

8 | Fartsniffingpig


Christmas party tonight. Wearing a kilt but not going true Scotsman (don't trust any of my workmates) what to wear underneath.

6 | Fartsniffingpig Wellscruffyduo TomPhoenix

Naughtynike IE

Is a private cam session something you buyers would be interested in with me?

0 |

Naughtynike IE

Just filmed 4 mins of me stripping out of my gym gear and jerking off, who’s interested?

0 |

Bigd*ckBandit US

What do you buy condoms/vials of cum for?

1 | Fartsniffingpig

Jerseybluedog US

In all fairness, the cost of a pair of briefs including shipping and customization should be about

0 | JustAGuy

Jerseybluedog US

The right price to pay for a monthly subscription that includes two clothing items, two naughty extras and a set of pictures/ video

0 | JustAGuy

Aniara UK

If someone completely ignores your profile and messaged you (for example you state you're not into femininity, CDs and TVs and all of their pics are of them crossdressing), would you reply - given how frequently this happens - or would you ignore or block them? Personally I find it tedious having to reply to each one to say they're not my type as clearly stated.

1 | Aniara

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