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Here, you can find thousands of sellers from all over the world, ready to ship you their ripe, used undies. You can even search via body type, ethnicity, occupation and more!

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Dr_big UK

2 Pair Well...

Well worn boxers. Smelly and dirty....

4.00 GBP 52

AlphaOfPrincess02 UK

Dick/Pussy Rating😈‼️...

£2.50 - /10 rating ❗️ £4 - a few lines‼️ £6 - both above bundled‼️‼️ Both humiliation ratings and honest ratings...

2.50 GBP 33

DrayandClarkxx US

Pattern Performance Hanes...

Worn 2+ days, performance Boxer Briefs. C*m stains, extra ball and a** sweat....

25.00 USD 250

AlphaOfPrincess02 UK

Baked Goods 😉❗️...

Baked Goods😈 - see photo for list of secret ingredients😉
From £5.00 per cookie or per slice of brownie‼️...

5.00 GBP 65

Dinner UK


🚨 FRIDAY SALE 🚨 She knows how to bounce that ass...

2.50 GBP 33

Wetpatch UK

Dirty Socks...

Worn all day smelly will keep them on today...

10.00 GBP 129

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Buying and Selling Used Mens Underwear Online

Do you find yourself getting aroused at the thought of a man’s sweaty, smelly, old boxer shorts? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Some people can experience sexual arousal from wearing another man’s underwear, whereas others like to touch, caress it and sniff it. Certain men like to watch somebody putting them on or taking it off. Either way you look at it, there is a market for buying and selling used boxers and it’s often the smellier the better.

The market for selling women’s panties has been steadily on the rise and seems that the market for men’s used underwear is just about to skyrocket. If you are a man who has some old boxers tucked away in a drawer, looking like they are ready for the bin, now is the time to get selling. You may be able to make some extra cash from them and potentially even turn it into a lucrative side hustle.

Why should I use Male Things Worn to sell my dirty underwear?

Thousands of people are now turning to an online marketplace to turn their used items into an income. Male Things Worn is the #1 marketplace to sell worn underwear. We have created a trusted platform, where you can buy and sell your items anonymously and with ease.

We have a huge range of sellers and buyers from across the world. We are safe and reliable and have a very supportive community who can answer questions and give advice.

Our dedicated team behind the scenes are always on hand to help you on your selling journey.

Who can buy and sell on Male Things Worn?

Our website is not just a selling platform, but it is also a community where you can interact with other men from around the world. We provide a safe and secure setting to engage with others who may share similar interests.

Whether you are gay, bi, straight or trans we provide you with a safe space to buy and sell used underwear anonymously.

On our platform we utilize a handy search and filter function, where buyers can filter their search to focus on what they are looking for. Some of the filters they can search by are:

  1. Brands: Ben Sherman, FCUK, Calvin Klein
  2. Size: S, M, L
  3. Colour: white, black, red
  4. Condition: smelly, daily use, dirty
  5. Occupation: Builder, manager, fireman

If you’re unable to find the item you’re looking for, you can request custom orders and we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

How to start selling your used boxers on Male Things Worn

Male Things Worn is easy to use and start selling. The sign-up process is quick and if you follow the steps below, you will be on your way to earning in no time.

  1. Sign up- the first thing we would recommend doing is to sign up to the website. This is a quick and easy process, and you can then become part of a large community of other sellers. Use this to ask questions and seek advice.
  2. Photos and description- the better the quality of the photos, the clearer the image is and creates a higher chance of selling your items. Buyers want to see the underwear clearly so that they know what they are buying. Make sure to include as much information as possible, this includes the material, size and condition of the underwear. Be honest so that the buyer knows exactly what to expect when purchasing the item.
  3. Engaging profile- If your profile has some images of you and tells people about you, it becomes a lot more engaging, and buyers will be more likely to contact you.
  4. Create an online presence- At Male Things Worn we have an amazing community of sellers and buyers and the more you interact with others, the greater your online presence will be, and the higher your sales potential. You can also advertise your items via other online platforms to gain even more interest.
  5. Competitive and realistic price- Start by looking at other sellers to see what they have set their prices as, that way you can get an idea of the amount you can list your items for. Think competitively, if you set your prices to the same as others, you may not have as much interest as those who have been selling for a while and have already built up a customer base.
  6. Customer service- Respond to inquiries promptly. Always maintain a professional manner, establishing a positive relationship with buyers ensures their repeat business and hopefully they will give you a great review.

What types of underwear can I buy/sell?

Boxers, y fronts, thongs, oh my! The answer to the question is any type you want.

Obviously, different buyers will have different preferences but the bigger your inventory, the more chance you will have of gaining interest.

Some buyers are interested in brands, colour or the fabric of the underwear. However, most of the time it isn’t about the type but the condition of it. Buyers want to know how long they have been worn for, where they were worn, how many times they have been washed (if any) and what condition they are in. Are they smelly, wet? Do they have any holes or stains in them? The more descriptive you can be, the better.

Make sure to include any other appealing details that buyers might be looking for. How do they feel, what type of fabric are they made from? There is no doubt that buyers will want to give them the sniff test so try to be as specific as possible regarding what they smell like.

How much money can I make?

This question can be tricky to answer because it can depend on several different factors. The type, condition and duration it has been worn can push the price up or down.

Most sellers tend to price their items at around £20-30, however the success of selling them at this price could also depend on the seller’s online presence and rating. Do some research before you start to see what other sellers have set their prices as, this will give a ballpark figure to start with and then you can adjust as you go.

Another way to push up your selling prices is by creating custom content. Buyers may contact you to ask for requests, this can pertain to the conditions of wear of the item. If you are willing to provide custom options, you are more likely to gain more interest and increase your earnings.

Whilst you may not become a millionaire overnight, the potential to make a decent wage is there and some sellers have even quit their day job to sell full time.

Where else could I buy/sell used underwear?

We personally don’t think you will find a better platform to use to sell your used underwear, however there are other ones available. Our only advice is to make sure to check the terms and conditions before you start selling, unlike Male Things Worn, they can be very strict about what they allow you to sell.

Social media - Platforms like Instagram allow you to create a profile dedicated to selling underwear, where you can share pictures and connect with potential buyers. This is a great way to establish your brand and direct potential buyers to your listings on Male Things Worn. Be careful and check the guidelines, some platforms forbid “nudity or implied nudity” as well as excessive amounts of skin on show. For those who also like to remain anonymous, you may find it difficult to remain private, unless of course you set up a fake account.

eBay – Probably the most well-known online marketplace that allows you to sell a range of different items. You can create your own listings and reach a wide audience. However, proceed with caution, eBay is one of the sites that can be strict when it comes to selling certain items and I would recommend checking the terms and conditions before you start listing.

All Things Worn - All Things Worn is our sister site and is specifically designed for the sale of used shoes and other dirty items, it is safe and secure and allows you to sell you used items without worrying about breaking the rules. Male Things Worn is dedicated to male buyers and sellers, so it depends on what your preferences are.


We are sure that Male Things Worn won’t disappoint. We’ve made an easy-to-use system that allows you to join a community of people who all have the same interests. We have a supportive team behind the scenes who will guide you in your quest to make some money from your old boxers and more.

Don’t miss out, get signed up and start selling today.

How much do used mens underwear cost?
On average our gentleman charge around $25 to $50 depending on what extras are included with the item.
Where is the best place to sell used mens underwear?
We might be biased but we truthfully believe Male Things Worn is no 1 platform to sell mens used underwear. Our loyal members say this too.
How big is the market for used mens underwear?
On Male Things Worn we have over 100K members from all over the world and we are sure there are millions more buyers and sellers, who are yet to discover our platform.
What are the most popular men underwear items being sold?
We have seen a huge demand for dirty jockstraps, boxers and briefs. These are sold by men who are either straight, bi or gay.
Whats the difference between jockstraps, boxers and briefs
Jockstraps provide minimal coverage and support, boxers are loose-fitting and provide full coverage, and briefs are tight-fitting and provide full support.
How much money can you make selling used mens underwear
We have recorded one of our sellers making over $8,000+ in a single month. Most sellers can make up to $2,000 a month depending on the level of effort placed into your shop.
What types of products can I find in the Used Men's Underwear section?
In the Used Men's Underwear section, you can find a variety of products including used boxers, briefs, jockstraps, and other types of men's underwear. Many items offer customization options to suit specific preferences.
How do I purchase items?
To purchase items, you need to create an account on Male Things Worn. Once logged in, browse the listings, select the item you want, and follow the checkout process.
Can I request customizations for the underwear?
Yes, many sellers offer customization options for their items. You can communicate with the seller directly to discuss your specific requirements and preferences.
Is international shipping available?
Yes, international shipping is available. Shipping costs and delivery times vary depending on the seller's location and the destination. Make sure to check the shipping details on the product listing or contact the seller for more information.
How do I contact the seller?
You can contact the seller through the messaging system on the Male Things Worn website. Each product listing has a 'Message Seller' option that you can use to communicate directly with the seller.
Is my purchase discreet?
Yes, sellers on Male Things Worn are committed to ensuring discretion in packaging and shipping. Details about discreet shipping can usually be found in the seller's profile or product listing.

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