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Seeking a little bit of spice in your life? Our Naughty Extras will not disappoint! Used dildos, condoms, sexting, dick ratings are just some of the experiences and products you can find on Male Things Worn.

You can also find Tenga eggs, toenail clippings, vials, butt plugs, pubic hair, findom contracts, boyfriend experience… the list goes on! Our friendly sellers are ready to welcome you with open arms. And if you have a specific itch that you just want to scratch… we have a dashboard for you to post your wants and desires.

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Relentlesscock US


Hey there! This purchase entitles you to *my personal phone number* for an entire month of texting, flirting,...

300.00 USD 3000

Hornyuklad UK

Used Butt Plug...

Fresh out of my arse...

25.00 GBP 323

Kingsy666 UK


Buy my golden locks 😉 I’ve got hair available from other places too, let me know what you’re...

10.00 GBP 129

Relentlesscock US

Buy My Cock...

Who wants My beautiful cock inside them? Let’s play!...

80.00 USD 800

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So, it turns out there ain't loads of spots online to sell dudes worn underwear or dirty clothing, let alone any saucy extras that might come with 'em. Guess what? That's why we're here!

Welcome to Male Things Worn – a friendly, worldwide hangout for gay, bi and straight guys where you can securely buy and sell pre-loved men’s gear without judgment. Oh! And it also includes photos, videos or other cyber experiences in the most secure and anonymous way possible.

We’re just like ya’ll. We wanted a place to buy and sell old Johnny bags (used condoms), sex toys of all types including your favorite butt plugs - so when we couldn’t find anywhere cool enough to accept us as we are, we thought screw it - let's make our own spot!

Thank goodness we did because now if you were crazy enough to line up everything for sale on our site end-to-end... hold onto your caps boys– this naughty stash would stretch from earth all the way past the moon (probably)!

Pretty sure no one could resist that smell.

Whatever freaky stuff you’re into…trust us; you’ll find it right here at Male Things Worn!

Discover a World of Naughty Men's Fetish Items.

We firmly believe that exploration aids in enriching the browsing experience. Unearthing unique finds is part of the adventure. Currently, you are navigating through our ‘Men's Naughty Extras’ category – a collection curated for distinctive tastes- however, we offer more conventional categories available atop the page.

Should you be seeking specific items within this category, we strongly recommend utilising our search bar to streamline your queries to products such as condoms, butt plugs, prostate vibrators and cock rings among others.

To enhance your search accuracy further; colour selection, size specifications or even preference in scent can also be added. We've created an extremely user-friendly interface that encourages interaction; therefore do not hesitate to put it into play immediately.

If our regular search fails to meet your precise needs - log-in (or register if new) and explore detailed filters where sellers can be sorted via country, age ethnicity amongst other attributes'details updated on a weekly basis.

For customers who have made previous transactions with us: feel free to visit favourite seller profiles which display newly listed items each day.

However do bear in mind - these unique listings may not endure for long!

In case of unavailability or personal preferences requiring tailored requests from any of our distinguished Sellers - simply access their profile by selecting their name before proceeding with 'Message Seller'. Simple!

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What’s more, Male Things Worn makes the process of buying and selling seamless, easy, secure, and anonymous - thereby providing you with peace of mind, and great value for money.

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Of course, we also feature other well worn goods; shoes, socks, underwear and other items of clothing!

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What types of products can I find in the Naughty Extras category?
In the Naughty Extras category, you can find items such as used dildos, condoms, sexting services, dick ratings, Tenga eggs, toenail clippings, vials, butt plugs, pubic hair, and more.
How can I ensure my transactions are secure?
Male Things Worn offers a direct, secure, and anonymous payment method to ensure your identity is protected.
Is it free to join Male Things Worn?
Yes, it is free for buyers to join Male Things Worn.
Can I request specific items or services?
Yes, you can post your specific wants and desires on the dashboard, or message sellers directly for tailored requests.
How do I search for specific items?
You can use the search bar to streamline your queries to products like condoms, butt plugs, prostate vibrators, and cock rings. You can also use detailed filters by logging in to narrow down by color, size, and other preferences.
How can I contact a seller?
You can access a seller's profile by selecting their name and then proceed with 'Message Seller' for any inquiries or tailored requests.

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