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Used sneakers, trainers, work boots, sliders and more… just some of the Used Mens Shoes for sale on Male Things Worn. Running trainers, construction boots, football boots and work shoes are amongst some of the thousands of used mens shoes listed here.

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Evo89 UK

Well Worn Men’s...

Well worn men’s boots £30 including postage in the uk, world wide shipping costs more...

30.00 GBP 388

_Bathe_In_My_Scent US

Nice Smelling Shoes...

Come get these bad bois smell everyday to remind yourself of me....

50.00 USD 500

Arnie132 AU

Well Worn Falling...

Oily greasy well worn that they are falling apart and no good on a Mine sight...

70.00 AUD 470

Mynaughtyfeet US

Well Worn Yard...

My well worn yard work shoes. Have been wearing these for about 3 years. Sometimes with and without...

50.00 USD 500

Briefsandboxers UK

'Adidas Ultra Boost'...

Size 8 ultra boost trainers. used but will clean up okay (if you want them to be)....

15.00 GBP 194


White Wrecked AirForce...

Over 2 years wear, to work, to festivals, gym and much more. Been worn on the daily so...

65.00 GBP 839

Drainingmanc UK

Well Worn Black...

Very well worn boots, caked in dust. Proper grim. CAN BE CUSTOMISED! FREE UK POSTAGE! INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE CHARGES...

30.00 GBP 388

Bosdick US

Worn-in Nike Shoes...

Well worn Nike Air-Max, have had them for years. They pull at the back of my ankles....

65.00 USD 650

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Surprisingly, there is a scarcity of opportunities to sell or acquire Men's previously-owned footwear online. Hence why our platform was birthed.

At Male Things Worn, we provide a congenial global marketplace and worn-clothing community devoted exclusively to the Gay, Bi and Straight male demographic, allowing them an easy-to-navigate space where transactions can be carried out securely and anonymously without bias or prejudice.

We identify with your needs. We recognized the desire for a comfortable environment where we could trade footwear — used pairs showing signs of wear and tear while carrying traces of their former owners' distinct odor — when this proved elusive, we pioneered our website.

Our impactful efforts have significantly paid off; if you were to align all currently available shoes end-to-end on sale via our site, it would tally up to an assembled collection that could comfortably traverse miles - even potentially reaching lunar distances repeatedly over (only as an approximation).

Nonetheless, indeed one could anticipate the pervading robust pungent scent precisely resembling feet!

Male Things Worn provides solutions no matter what your specific requirement might be.

Find Men's Used Stinky Shoes on Male Things Worn

We firmly believe that browsing forms an integral part of the experience when exploring our Men’s Used and Worn Shoe collection. The element of unpredictability enhances your adventure; you never know which hidden gem awaits. While currently immersed in the 'Men's Worn Shoes' section, we offer assorted categories for you to explore situated at the top of our website page.

In case you have a specific item in mind from our ‘Men’s Shoes’ category, feel free to use our search function located at the head of this page. With this tool, it becomes more convenient for you to refine your results according to your preference – be it sneakers, boots or flip-flops.

Further parameters such as colour and size can also be specified. Indeed, even scent preferences ranging from subtle fragrances through to robust odours can easily be accommodated. We encourage prospective customers to test out these helpful features without delay.

Considering that simple search functions are insufficient? You’ll need either log in or sign up (at no cost) for access to additional options: Our FILTERS feature lets users specify sellers based on factors like country, age ethnicity and even occupation. New filters will continue being added weekly.

Always keep an eye out too - If there is a particular vendor who has previously piqued your interest now ease-of-searching for them while checking their new offerings regarding men's footwear listed daily is permitted.

Swift purchasing decisions are encouraged as remarkable items seldom linger around long!

For those unable yet determine precisely what they're seeking- why not consider requesting custom items from some popular Sellers? Viewing individual vendors profile is quite simple- click on a Seller’s Name then if impressed tap MESSAGE SELLER button where direct requests may be lodged with ease

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What’s more, Male Things Worn makes the process of buying and selling seamless, easy, secure, and anonymous - thereby providing you with peace of mind, and great value for money. We guarantee you’ll be back to visit us, over and over again.

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How do I verify the authenticity of well-worn men's shoes on Male Things Worn?
Male Things Worn offers an ID verification process for sellers to ensure they are who they claim to be. This helps buyers feel more secure when purchasing items such as well-worn men's shoes. Additionally, you can check the seller's reviews and see if they have completed previous transactions.
What are the most popular types of well-worn men's shoes available?
The most popular types include sneakers, boots, and formal shoes. Buyers often look for shoes that show significant wear and have a strong scent, as these characteristics are highly desirable in this niche market.
How can I ensure a discreet transaction when buying well-worn men's shoes?
Male Things Worn provides KinkCoins, an internal currency that allows for anonymous transactions without sharing personal details. This ensures discretion and privacy for both buyers and sellers.
What should I consider when setting the price for well-worn men's shoes?
Consider factors such as the type of shoe, the level of wear, and any special requests from buyers (e.g., specific scents or additional wear time). The cost can range from $30 to $100+.
How do I communicate with sellers about specific requests for well-worn men's shoes?
You can message sellers directly through the Male Things Worn platform to discuss any specific requests or custom orders. Make sure to clarify your preferences to ensure satisfaction.
Are there any safety tips for buying well-worn men's shoes?
Yes, always check the seller's reviews and ID verification status. Use the reporting feature if you have concerns about a seller. Additionally, using KinkCoins for transactions can add an extra layer of security.

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