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🦾Fitness Geek🦿, 🤫ASMR Coach🤫, 🕺Amateur Dancer🕺

*All Clothing items are made to be ordered, meaning it is never preworn and made fresh to every buyer once purchase is paid in Full.
🤫Straight Man Whisperer🤫


🌈Welcome to the Party! 🌈

Gay Horny Nymphomaniac Versatile Party Animal! 😈🍆💦🏳️‍🌈🦄🕶👠👄💄💋🎉🎊🪅

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-🤐Exclusive content🤐
-💯Daily XXX Content💯
-😎1-on-1 interaction😎
-🗣️the only place you get to hear me moan and talk🗣️
-🤑All for one low monthly fee!🤑
-🕺XXX Dance Videos🕺
-🦿Workout Videos 🦾

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🕺TikTok🕺: @boyplaysbasketball 🏀⛹️(formally @gaytinydancer)
Gay humor and gay dances
SFW Tiktok: @beautyshoppinginspire

🥤Slushy🥤: @basketballboy
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🐦Twitter: @BasketballTrams🐦

📷Instagram: @jockboypretty; @basketballboyjockstrap📷

🤖Reddit: @pinkboywhoisalice🤖

📺Redgifs: @pinkboywhoisalice

I can be your Master! 👑 Or I be your slave! 🥷 I Love Control! 🕹Either Way🔁

Want Salty? 🍟 Want Sweet? 🍬 Want Flavor? 🍕 Want Feast? 🎂 Want Stank? 🤢 Want Sick? 🤮
Want Crab? 🦀 Want Fab? 🎀
Want Plain? 😒 Want Fun? 😛
Want Disgust? 🥵 Want Taste? 😋Want Crazy? 🤡 Want Savy? 🎩

Come on in for an Experience for your wildest dreams come true!🔮 Let's make your fantasy come true. 🪅Sweaty, ripe, rank, skid, piss etc, let's make it all come true!! 🎊 Come on in for a Party! 🎉

Lights! 💡 Camera! 🎥 Action! 🎞
I love to make XXXPhotoshoots📸 and XXXVideos📺 with my phone📱 and take really good photos and videos! I love to make custom videos but also MOVIES! 📽📹
Things i can do but not limited to:
-Simple Photos📷
-Custom Photos📸
-Simple Videos📹
-Simple Movies📽
-Custom Movies🎥
-the sky is the limit! 👍
Custom photos and Videos will be given to you in a private link. 💘
-Customs start at $20
-Custom Movies start at $60 (if you want any special effects or basically anything more than just "grab your film and simple with your phone" and videos will be up to 30 mins. longer videos will be charged $1 a minute)
Anything "Extremeley Wild And Crazy" Will be Charged Even More! 👽☠️😈🤠🤑
Let's Make A Movie! 🎥📽📹😜🤪

Every order you get from me is subject to a free 🎁s! * (Free 🎁s is subject based upon the buyer, where they, the buyer desires and how much they paid)

I am an easy person to talk so please do not be afraid to speak to me or ask me questions! I am non-judgemental person to everyone! I am easy to chat with and get along with! I am able to work with people from ALL walks of life. 😀😉🙃😇🤗

Smell: Can say, I may look typical or pretty, but if u get a chance to smell me, i smell like the most masculine man you ever met! 😏😎 note*: smells range from mild to stinky and smells preferences if that what you are after should be discussed before making a purchase ** buying premade undies and organic fresh undies differ. fresh is freshly made to customer from scratch. premade is made before and sit for various amounts of times in the bag. ***due to the preferance of your smell, please let me know if you care about how sealed the bag you want it or not becuz that can have an effect on the outcome of the smell.****old undies can contain a unique old held smell scent compared to a fresh made organic undie made for order due to the amount of time the underwear sits until it is brought home to a new owner

🤑Cash Fags out there: Drain your wallet on me, since you do not know what to do with money sometimes🤑

👟 Size: Uk 7.5 Men USA 8 EU 41
📏: 5'6
👕 Size: XS-S
👖 Size: 28-34 XS,S,M
🎰: 140 Pounds
🍆: 5 inches (uncut)
⚧️: He/She/They

Clothing I sell:
I own a LOT of clothing! I am selling socks, undershirts, shoes, clothing and of course obviously: underwear. I am proud to have one of the largest shops on MTW and i have over HUNDREDS of JOCKSTRAPS!! In about every color possible! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈💗(100-200 to be exact; still more to be added to the shop haha were not even half way there). Please do not be afraid to ask me for any clothing you do not see and I will take a look in my closet. If there is something not in my closet that you like me to wear, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can work out something!

My Day Job 🤑💵💰:
🕺Hospitality Worker🕺

🔔Trying to Save 💰 on Gas? 🔔
Download "Get Up Side" app and use my promo code 64CW3P to get $.15/gal bonus the first time you make a purchase on gas! (I know its available in the USA and Canada, I am not sure if this app has reached internationally.) You get reimbursed for every gas purchase and can accumlate your purchases to be 💸 out later!

Communications: Please note that I am on here quite a lot and obviously not here 24/7 but I do come on whenever I can at this point mostly every day. If you are an interested customer you are welcome to leave me a request or message. Also, if I am communicating with you and you are slow at responding, I cannot be online waiting for each prospective customer who is hesitant or deciding so I may get off online and do something else like run errands outside, do something else offline at home, or go watch a movie etc. I am here to sell NOT to date or meetup! Please for your safety and mine, keep all communications here on MTW and do not ask me to speak to you outside this platform.

Payment Method:
Do NOT ask me for freebies or samples! I do not offer FREE shit unless you are willing to pay as agreed. If you ask me repeatedly and I ask you to stop and you are asked money, I will decline to communicate with you further, you are subject then to being blocked. Do Not waste my time speaking to me especially if you are a prospective customer. Do not talk and ramble about you not having money to pat yet if you do not got your money straight and keep holding off payment! If you ask me to create an order, I expect you to pay, if you do not pay right away, I will cancel your order. Serious Buyers only, dont be a time waster! If you waste my time any further, I will block you.
Cashapp: $Gooddaysare
venmo: @candyandfruit
Google Pay
Buy Me A Coffee (tips appreicated)
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please remember to keep ANY DESCRIPTIONS non=sexual, nothing related to sugar baby business, used clothing of any kind, camming, stripping or camming because if those "places" find out we buyers and sellers are using that for those reasons, we can be BANNED FOR LIFE! Please remember to keep descriptions discreet but also nothing service-related. Eg. Dinner bill, electricity, Rent, shopping money, food for dinner, dvds, video games, bus money, Movie rentals ETC! Please if You are paying me on Venmo, mark the purchase as "transaction between friends" not "good or services" so they dont charge me!

USA Shipping: All orders come with $10 shipping fee! Your order will ship out with either USPS First Class or UPS Ground. Extra charges will apply for super fast delivery requests. Every order comes with tracking! ✅🧾

International Customers: Please note because you are far away, you will be responsible for the shipping cost included as calculated and items bought! Every order comes with tracking! Below you will see estimate of the cheapest package I can ship to each country based on my shipping history.
(Starting) Estimates:
UK/Ireland: $17
Canada: $15

I ship in boxes 📦 or bubble envelopes ✉️ and can vacuum seal your orders upon request! 📬Please let me know if you want your orders discrete!📮📫🤫

Requests: I am reasonable with requests and will not charge initial requests depending on how detailed or demanding its or how simple it is. Anything else well All requests are $10 each! Anything "extremely special beyond" requests will be charged accordingly as well. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Zoom: I offer Zoom sessions. They will be administered by me based on your availability and also mine. The rate is $1 a minute. ( I am new at Zoom and have yet to use it and I will book a double session just in case of technical difficulty). Available starting at 10,20,30 minute sessions! Please note I am using a free account to invite you to zoom meetings meanings our meetings will stop at the 40 min mark and we will continue on for "another session" based off the time you want. For example, if your session is 50 mins, we will have one Zoom meeting for 40 mins and then I will invite you for 10 minute session 2nd session.

Skype: Skype sessions are $1 a minute.

*Please note, I have the discretion to delete listings and add back listings at any time. Also note, I reserve the right to decide what I feel comfortable or not, so do not be surprised if I decide to change my mind at the last minute and if it so happens, you will be refunded or not charged and I simply ask you to respect my wishes (if I never charged you to begin with).

NOTE: Please respect my need for anonymity and privacy! I work as a "No Face". Do NOT come and ask me to talk to you on another platform outside of MTW. If you value me as a person and seller, please keep all communications here. If that I do not feel comfortable or want to speak to you outside of this platform, you will be blocked! If I need to keep repeating this to you over again, you will be blocked!

BIDDING: I welcome bidding. When i have interested buyers, the important factors to me are 1) able to pay for the item price 2) first come first serve 3)if someone "bids" on an item and is willing to pay more to beat out the competition of buyers, ill take that buyer first instantly first.

"SPOIL ME😜" Wishlist: 👛

Tips are always appreciated! 😘

The copyright of the material contained on my page is owned by myself. You do not have permission to use, copy, reproduce, print, play in public or screenshot any of the my material without prior permission.
Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.

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