Can You Teach a Daddy Bear New Tricks? A Male Fetish Seller’s Perspective

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Can You Teach a Daddy Bear New Tricks? A Male Fetish Seller’s Perspective

So, I started using MTW back in July 2023, as part of an experiment really on a drunk night out talk of selling kit came up so wanted to learn more. This was a very different scene for me, this is my thoughts and experience. Things I have learnt along the way, it is not meant to be a sellers guide more what I have learnt about Boundaries, Authentic Self, Other Sellers, Buyers, and Instant Content, Admin Support

Setting Boundaries:

This is a new scene to me, so wanted to have clear boundaries and what is acceptable for me and what isn’t. This will vary for person to person. For me a clear boundary is I won’t show my face, this is to protect my confidentiality, even to repeat buyers. Have I lost sales over this? Yes, I have.

But it is a choice I have made. When it comes to what I would offer and what I wouldn’t this was more flexible, as I didn’t know what I would like and what I didn’t, so I learnt to have an open and honest conversation with buyers, if there was a term I wasn’t sure what it meant I would say, and luckily my buyers have be real gents understanding this is a fairly new lifestyle for me and most would explain what they meant. I would then internally think am I ok with the request or not.

Authentic Self:

Where I don’t share my personal details, the personality, sense of humour is all me, sometimes it might be dialled up to 11, but I have learnt it is far easier to do this, than created something completely different. I have seen profile online where the profile wording doesn’t match the conversation and initial chat, it makes me dubious.

Also I feel it is far more important to only offer what you can deliver on, with buyers, I will make it clear how long I intend to wear an item, and before sending I will do a sniff test, and if I don’t think the quality is there, I will let the buyer know and agree and extension, I want them to have a good experience with me and want to return.

Other Sellers:

Other sellers can be a fantastic source of guidance and knowledge, in my first week, I struck up a conversation with a great USA based Seller (I live in the UK), not sure how the conversation started but he is been a great sources of guidance on the site, I have bounced Ideas off of him, he has given me guidance on what to look out for from time wasters. Also it is worth noting Sellers will sometimes want to buy from you as well, several times I have had buyers message wanting to be various bits of me, and yeah I am good with that.


I am fairly old school with manners, so my default is treat a person like you want to be treated, buyers aren’t Cash Machines (or ATMs for our American friends) but human beings (unless they specifically say that cash draining is their thing), so price reasonably. Some buyers don’t want to buy physical items but more personal instants, which works for me. Where I do this to make a bit of side cash, I am under illusion that this will be a full-time job and solve my financial problems so tend to price fairly.

Instant Content

Instant Content something I wish I knew on day one, is save a copy of your instants to your phone before you upload and don’t delete them, currently there is a limited number of Instants you can upload, and for me I want to cycle through a few sets, I don’t realise once uploaded you couldn’t download them from your account. It’s a learning point for me, I have some which sell well, but I want to have a break from them to upload others.

Another thing it took me a while to get head around is I was limited to short clips of 30 seconds where I saw other sellers having clips a few minutes long, quick work around is to compress the file size before uploading it works a treat.

Last thing I want to say about Instants is KinkCoins. To start with I couldn’t get me head around them and how they work, but they are so straightforward, you can use them to promote your profile, or can be withdrawn for cash. I use an App called YourSafe, you must have a minimum of 300 to withdraw and there is a holding period so the team at MTW can check there is no understanding issues with your account, but honestly so straightforward.

Admin Support

Some sites have shocking Admin support, but the same can’t be said for MTW, when I have had queries which I can’t find the answer to, I have sent a quick message to the Admin team, they have been fantastic really.


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