Daddy’s Christmas Gift - Erotica

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Daddy’s Christmas Gift - Erotica

Christmas can be a quiet time for a lot of people, I remember last Christmas my missus had to work all over it so I was at a loose end really as she does night work, but I managed to keep myself busy and had an interesting encounter with this lad who works for me.

So let me tell you about Matt he is a 35 I think he calls it heteroflexible but his girlfriend doesn’t know that guy 5’ 11 in height guy with dark brown hair curly it is, tattoo up his left arm in black ink of a Celtic design and in good shape you can tell he works out at the gym, and he has a small trial of dark hair leading from his navel to groin as I found out one Christmas , his bird was away visiting family in Spain which he couldn’t make that particular year.

Matt is a total jock and cocky with it, not much going on in his head but he makes up for it with his banter and working hard. I mention he has done some trade jobs for me for my building company.

What makes it easier for me and Matt to hangout without my bird getting suspicious is that she gets on well with his girlfriend so Matt and I hanging out isn’t a problem, we are just two blokes who watch rugby together, throw weights around at the gym, sometimes I employ him into my building company for all his short comings he is a damn good Chippy (carpenter) and have the odd pint right… right ..?

So, one Christmas night after watching some TV and getting fairly bored, I had a text for Matt that he was at a loose end, and could he come over, thought yeah why not nothing better to do and already had a few beers in me. So, 20 minutes later he was at my front door, in tight blue jeans, and a black t-shirt which shaped well around his hard gym ready body.

So after an hour later drinking what felt a bottle of gin between us as staring mindlessly at a rerun of whatever movie was on telly, we started chatting about what our misses had gotten use for Xmas, it was most of the standard stuff really, boxers, socks, smellies, but mine had gotten me something else as well , she knew that I got a bit lonely with her long hours in her night job and sometimes frustrated that she wasn’t about to take care of my needs, hey what can I say I am a red blooded man. So this gift was a flesh light, I hadn’t used it yet I hadn’t even opened it up. Matt was intrigued to see it, so I show it to him. Unwrapping it and touching the opening it flet soft and welcoming, not as good as the real thing, but could help in a pinch.

It led us on a conversation about blow jobs, from our birds and sometimes that’s all a man wants, I am not sure who started what happened next, that part doesn’t matter, but I flet Matt slide his hand towards my groin, I surprised myself and didn’t object, I had a heavy load that needed taking caring of , I was drunk, and if a mate wanted to sort me out than great. Quickly I was unbuttoned, jeans around my ankles, hard and erect with Matt between my legs his willing mouth around my cock, teasing and toying with my ready dick. I always knew he was a mouthing bloke but didn’t realise his mouth had this type of skill. Slowly he had building me and keeping me on the edge, not allowing me to shoot, I would like to say it felt wrong getting a Bj from a bloke, but it didn’t, before I knew it I was shooting a heavy load down his throat, his mouth was relentless not wasting a single drop of my cum.

The whole experience got me so horny and opened up the flood gates to experiment more with him that night, after an hour and time to recharge, he started using the flesh light on my shift , he was determined he wanted a second load after am hour of gently building me up again, he got his reward a 2nd load of my cum in the flesh light, but this time he was naked on his knees in front of me. After I came the 2nd time I was spent, he needed to shoot, so without thinking I scooped out my 2nd load of cum, rubbed it on two fingers as lube, and inserted them into his ass. It was tight but welcoming, I had heard that men have a g sport up their ass, a lump almost similar to a women’s ‘bean’, I think I found his, it didn’t take long for him to shoot a hot load all over his chest while I worked his ass, with my cum ridden fingers. After we finished, it was getting late, so both showered off separately before he headed back to his. I had washed the flesh light it was unpackaged but you couldn’t tell it had been used, following day when my bird had come home, and after she had spelt after her night shift, I told her I had unwrapped her gifts and loved them but hadn’t used them, as Matt had popped over for beer last night, she was pleased I had had company on Christmas night, and with a look in her eyes that drives me wild and the flesh light in hand started to play with my groin and told me she wanted me to sit back and relax, grab a beer as she wanted to ensure I enjoyed my gift from her for the first time.

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