How To Stay Safe Selling Your Used Boxer's Online

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How To Stay Safe Selling Your Used Boxer's Online

Now that you are finally settled into Male Things Worn, and you got yourself sorted with what you are going to sell, perhaps now we should go over safety tips. Male Things Worn already has rules set In place to keep buyers safe, but now it is time for talking about keeping sellers safe.

We all want to thrive in a fun safe environment to live out our male fantasies! We all want to be safe, especially as sellers. Here are some tips to help you thrive in being a seller on MTW without feeling like you have to be pressured into doing something you are not comfortable with!

Do not compare yourself to others

Just because you see somebody posting photos of their bodies that may look better than your body does not mean you have to be like them too. Plus if you did, would you be comfortable sharing off your body online for money and your mind being that open? You can do that and lose some sense of privacy or do not show your body at all.

Point is, while you are trying to get inspiration from other successful sellers, you need to do what is right for you! You can find your own ways to express yourself and to get people to like you for you, while you are not trying to copy others.

Focus on your strengths and use that to get people’s attention and do not focus on the negative. Focusing on yourself is really going to drive you not only to stay happy but to be able to be a unique seller on MTW. You might end up feeling pressured to try something you are not comfy with in the first place and then it backfires in the end if you do not have the comfort for it like showing off your body when you want to stay private.

Trust me on this. I always felt like I had to beat myself over being different over something I do not have or something desirable I wanted and do not have. I kept forgetting the grateful things I did have and then that made me sadder. I then focused my attention in my life on my strengths and positives and that made me happier. The key to this is to focus on what you are grateful for.


Now, being open or private as a seller is literally your decision alone. A lot of people are willing to sell their bodies online to get money or make photos, videos, whatever. But hey, maybe people like a person who is mysterious. There are “hidden face/hidden body” sellers on here who can be just as successful as “out there in the world” sellers.

Of course, selling your body can help you gain more customers to turn on customers but that is where the risk comes in. No matter if you just show your back, chest, privates, whatever, there is that risk that a customer can expose you to the world no matter the risk in case they can connect the dots to yourself to another public profile of you. If you choose to show your face and body, do it at your own risk.

Even if you are a no face seller and you show your body still, someone could take your photos and videos and share them. Just make sure you let the buyers know that the videos and photos they get are for their own pleasure only, not others. This is a reason you should not share your real name on MTW as a seller as you put yourself an easy target for stalkers or exposers online if they match your name and face to you in real life.

Mailing Your Used Items

The number one safety advice to give to sellers is to have the return address the same address as the receiver address (the buyer). This ensures that you are not identified at all when you drop off your mail at the post office or mail box (if your mail envelope or box is big enough to fit; if it's too big you have to hand it in person).

Sometimes if you just throw mail into the mailbox, it can get stolen or lost. Your best bet is if you live in a safe neighborhood, just drop your mail inside your mailbox with the red flag up (so the mailman can take your mail) or drop it off in person at your local post office. You can hand it in person to the postal employee and just drop it or just say you are dropping it off for friends or someone you know.

If you are worried and do not want to have awkward stares or questions at the post office, the best thing to do is to go to any post office you know of that just lets you drop off the mail and walk out. Please be careful and note that some post offices make you wait in line and want to speak to you in person and not just drop something off and run off. So do your research on post offices that just let you drop and run off before you go up there.

If you choose to mail things internationally, you are taking that risk yourself. Now I am no expert at mailing things off internationally personally and have had to only personally do this for mailing online orders back to the online store. Also, mailing internationally is a lot of money.

Now this method itself is a risky factor. You have to consider that it can take a super long time to get to customers unless the customer is willing to pay for you to ship with a faster shipping label. Then you have to declare customs items in your customs form with your own name and address in case the customs officers open your box to inspect it. This can be risky if you live overseas and can run into this risk esp if the country is conservative or strict about what you can mail over to another country.

I would advise you to only mail internationally if you are expert and confident in mailing this way especially if you know the rules and know how to not get in trouble with shipping overseas. When you mail locally only in your local country, it keeps you at cheaper shipping rates to send customers easily because all you do is slap the mail label on the box and it's shipped with the post office.

Use only KinkCoins as payment methods

This is a real issue you and all sellers should use to protect! Use only KinkCoins as your payment method! If you use cash app, Venmo or cash app and they find you are using this for sexual stuff like this, you can get banned for life and your money can even be frozen in the bank. You should stop using these things as your payment method now. Even banks can find this discriminatory if they find you are making money from sex.

KinkCoins are not only safe to protect buyers’ personal payment information, but It also protects sellers payment information as well. Once you accumulate a lot of money, you can then convert these KinkCoins to your YourSafe/BitSafe account (a safe way to anonymously get money from doing this) and from Bit Safe, you can have that money mailed to you as a wire transfer or check (if you are in the US). You can read more about KinkCoins here

Keep communications only on MTW

Now, sometimes you get those customers who want you to go on some other communication, social app or email because they can be better reached or because it is better to send photos or videos (because quality is better through texting, emailing than direct messaging photos on MTW). That can be understandable, but if you want to be safe with selling, let your customers know you are only going to allow communications on MTW and never outside.

If you keep conversations on MTW, it will be easy for MTW to keep track of communications online between you. Customers who are nice should respect you for just keeping MTW as your only communications method. If you do have outside conversations with the customers outside, keep track of your conversations in case the customer is becoming a problem and show it to the ADMIN team if it gets to that point!

Do only what makes you comfy

You should write on your “bio” section of your profile not only about who and what you are, but your seller guidelines, rules, and what you will do or not do for customers. If you choose not to do naked, then say you do not so customers are clear you will not get naked for customers. If you say you can do cum underwears, say you would do cum underwears.

If you are willing to keep an open mind, make sure you keep your mind wide open but note you do not have to do anything you are not comfy with, like doing a sex video if that does not get you feeling comfy. Make sure you warn the customers nicely about what you or cannot do and let them know if you are comfy with it. If they bug you about it, just calmly say you will not do it.

If they begin to harass you, just block them or report them to the ADMIN Team if it gets to that point. Make sure you deal with your troublesome customers through messages, and not in public! You are not allowed to have grievances in public on MTW!

Talk to verified buyers preferably more than non-verified

Note to Buyers: If you verify yourself, you will make it easier for sellers to trust to do business with you than if you are not, making you seem like a scammer.

Sellers: There are many new customers coming into MTW all the time. Sometimes you do not know if they are treating you like a human and want things fast and if they want it because of a weird fantasy of instant pleasure, or they could be a murderer or scammer taking your DNA in case to have you framed instead of them.

Although selling your body fluids, your body excrement, whatever is easy money, you do not know the customers’ real intentions. If you do choose to sell your body stuff, make sure you check if the seller is a “verified” buyer and that could be ok (disclaimer: I am no expert on this) , or make sure you have a long conversation with the buyer to be sure you are feeling safe with this person who you would choose to sell to.

Do not tell everyone or anyone about your Seller business on MTW!

Now I personally talked to one of my friends starting this out as an idea simply to sell used underwear and she thought it was funny too. Then of course she gave me advice on safety because she cared about me as a friend. And she is my best friend who is my “ride or die” friend I can trust with my life.

The important thing to understand with choosing to share your seller business with your people in your real life is BIG RISK! Some people can see selling your underwear as taboo and even can get you in trouble if people in your real life know you are doing this. You should only keep this business to yourself ideally. If you choose to tell people in your real life, only tell it to close best friends only. Your close best friends are the ones who should keep your privacy at all times, and watch out for your safety when you are here as a seller.

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