Beginners Guide to Being a Great Buyer on Male Things Worn

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Beginners Guide to Being a Great Buyer on Male Things Worn

Whether you're new to buying men's used underwear or have been fulfilling your kinks and fetishes for years, it's always nice to be known as a respectful buyer. Read on for a guide on how to be a great buyer on Male Things Worn - the dedicated marketplace & community for lovers of used male items.


Find out what it means to me!" It's all about respect. We are all on this great site that caters for us men and our kinks, so let’s be respectful to everyone.

Upload a profile pic.

It doesn't have to be of your face, use a body part, or an item or kink you're into, or even a cartoon. Just something is better than no image.

It's a way for Sellers to notice and remember you and often a great ice-breaker. We are all discreet on here so don't worry and you never have to show anything you don't want to.

Add a brief description to your profile.

It really helps the sellers to get an idea of what you are in too, or looking for. Just state the things you like or fantasize about. It can often help sellers to cater their messages to you according to what type of things you like.

Read your messages.

In the top right-hand corner, there is an envelope icon. If it is blue "you got mail!" Sellers will often reach out to you to welcome you and introduce themselves.

Reply to those messages.

It's not nice being blanked or ignored, so just give a quick reply if you don't have much time. Just say "Hi, I will be in touch if I need anything" or "Just browsing at the moment" Being polite is the key. If what they have on offer is not for you, then just let them know.

Browse to your heart’s content.

It's an Aladdin's cave of sexy worn items and services, so enjoy it. Use the category pages or search engines to look for particular items. If you’re looking for something in particular, you can always post on the newsfeed to see if anyone can fulfil your needs.

You can also search through the Top Sellers and reach out if you need help or advice on how it all works on here, they will normally be happy to guide you.

There is a lot to see and explore on here, so you can add items to your "Saved for Later" List (wish list). There is a little icon at the end of the product description opposite the price that you can click to save the item to your list. You can also un-click this icon to remove an item from your list. If you want to view your list, you can do this by clicking on the 3 bars on the top left hand side of the page and scroll down to Saved for Later.

Check the dashboard

To see the latest news from the MTW community. Feel free to engage and like/comment on sellers posts. You can upload your own photos and comments. Keep the photos censored otherwise they will get taken down.

MTW is a great community of like-minded guys, and very friendly, so join in!

Check out seller profiles and shop pages.

If they are verified and premium sellers, you can feel secure in your transactions with them. Read their reviews, this will give you an idea of their service and ability, and give you the reassurance that this is a trusted seller.

Reach out and chat with the sellers.

They don't bite (not unless you ask them too). Tell them what you like in their shop and if they offer additional extras, as most of them do. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

We are all open-minded people on here and all have our kinks! There are no judgements on here, so feel free to ask for your deepest desires, (as long as it's legal). If they can't do what you ask for they will let you know. Most sellers are very accommodating and willing to help you find what you are after.

Be patient

Male Things Worn is an international community, so bear in mind the seller may not respond immediately due to time zones or work commitments, but they will respond. Give them a chance before writing them off and moving on to another seller.

If it's not for you, then politely say

And thank the buyer for their time and move on. Don't be rude, homophobic or abusive to them. Especially don't ghost (ignore) them. They can see when you have read a message and when you were last online, so don't pretend you didn't see the messages. The seller community all communicate with each other and you don't want a bad rep to follow you around.

Don't waste their time.

If you are not interested in buying anything from them, just tell them you are only interested in chatting with them. By the way, this is not a hooking up or dating site, so if you really just want to chat, try another website. This is a selling and buying platform.

Agree on a price.

There is no harm in negotiating a deal, but bear in mind the seller is here doing a job and would like to be paid fairly for this. You may think that £/$30 is high for a pair of used boxers, but you have to think of the overall cost to the seller. If they are branded (e.g. Calvin Klein) these cost £/$20-30 to buy in the first place. Yes, they are used, but still.

The seller has to also take into account site membership fees, payment fees, packaging, postage (if it's included in the price), time and effort spent on preparing the item to your requirements (usually the most enjoyable part for a seller). A lot of work goes into selling on MTW, it's not an easy task, so be fair to them on their pricing request.

The sellers are not desperate, they are there providing a niche service, so don't disrespect them by offering them £/$10 for something that is worth £/$100

No play without pay

Sellers will not prepare or hold items for you until payments have cleared. Agree your payment method with the seller. Kinkcoins, Cash App and PayPal are the most popular and secure payment methods, but some sellers do have other options. The safest and most discreet way is to use KinkCoins, however not all sellers accept these, so please check with the seller first if that is your preferred method of payment.

Pay promptly.

Can't stress this enough. If you have agreed on an order, then please pay straight away. If you can't afford to pay until payday etc then place your order on payday. It's not fair to the buyer if you place an order and then don't pay.

Most sellers will allow a window for payments to clear. Keep them informed if you have to delay your payment and be honest, don't makeup excuses like "my dog ate my cheque book". If you have changed your mind, then just let them know that. Don't ghost them, it's not nice. You don't want the seller leaving you a bad review for not paying and wasting their time.

Discretion is the name of the game.

Send your name and address on the order form that you receive when you place an order. Let the seller know if you want a different name on the package for discretion. Most sellers send in sealed plain packaging to keep things discreet. If you have any specific requests regarding the shipping process, simply let the seller know.


Leave the seller a review if you have been happy with the process. They will also leave a review for you being a great buyer.  Do reach out to them if you are unhappy with anything before reviewing in case a resolution can be achieved.

Reach out to the Admin Team

If you have any concerns or issues, they will investigate and try and resolve the issue for you (but it’s always better to try to come to an amicable solution before this).

And finally,

Enjoy your time on MTW and most of all enjoy your kinky purchases! Be respectful to the Sellers and they will return the respect to you by catering to your deepest desires!

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