The Best Way To Ship Men's Used Underwear

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The Best Way To Ship Men's Used Underwear

Hello mates! It seems like some people do not know how to mail. If you are not sure how to mail, I can definitely give you a lesson on how to sell. Please note because I am based in the USA, I am giving you advice on how to sell especially if you are living in America. But hopefully, you can apply these concepts to your mailings too when you ship for MTW customers.

How To Protect Your Identity When Sending Used Underwear

The number one thing with mailing with MTW is to ALWAYS use the receiver’s address also as the return address. This is to ensure sellers are protected for their safety. If you are a customer, you can choose to have your orders mailed to your house or a PO box to keep your orders safe! You are also welcome to have it mailed to your friend’s house and they can get it for you or use your home address but use a different name.

When I am busy, I just mail things over to my mates’ house and I just get them over there then to my house. Also, because sellers need to be protected, do not offer returns at all, orders should be final sale and condition should be how it was before it was shipped. So no returns at all once items are “delivered”!

How To Prepare Your Dirty Underwear

Mailing is going to be a little slightly complex topic depending on the items you sell. If you choose to mail everything in a box, postmen will not question your mail and just take it as is. So even if your items are just as is, like old soiled underwear, old dried cum underwear, just clean underwear as examples, can be just thrown into your box or envelope as is and no questions are asked.

Now, if your mail has pee or cum on it, make sure you talk to the customer about how it should be shipped. Cum and pee can dry out quickly if left out after getting exposed to body fluids or can be dried even inside the box or envelope.

If you want to make sure the underwear does not get stuck inside to the box wall or envelope insides and want it still smelly and not crusty, use plastic baggies.

Now, most people are told to get a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air out of the plastic bags. I do not have that kind of vacuum at all and I just would get a plastic bag and throw in the “customized” underwear in the bag and send it.

Providing Great Customer Service

And again make sure to talk with the customer about how you should send the underwear like throw in the box, customize the underwear, or put underwear to preserve moisture, smell etc. If you want to be safe and the customer wants to ensure it's authentic as you said, ask them if they need photos of the items being cummed or the condition it is when you place it inside the box or envelope.

If they do not ask for photos proof, then you should be fine. Make sure that the post offices you visit let you “drop and leave”. If they do not, they would make you stand in line there wasting your time and then you are on the hook to explain why the name on the box is the same as the receiver, the best thing to do is avoid those mail offices completely or just say you are dropping it off for a friend.

Which Shipping Providers to Use?

Now there are two amazing mailing services that are easy to use that can help you.

The first thing you can do is sign up with is USPS. You just need your email and create a username, password. Then you are all set to go. Because you are printing easily from home, you just need to have the buyers address and put their address as the receiving and returning address.

Because you are protecting your privacy, keep the insured value of the items as “0”. You would then have to file insurance for the items in the first place if the return address is your real name and address and USPS can issue you a check for the lost items you mailed out.

But you will not need to use that at all. You will be able to use two options: USPS priority mail and USPS Express mail. The former can cover up to 50 bucks for around 7-9 dollars each label and takes at least 1-3 business days, which is faster than USPS first class.

The latter method is about 30 dollars each and it covers up to $100 value and it takes 1-2 days overnight shipping and can include weekend deliveries. If your value is above the insured value of your shipping label, you will have to pay an additional cost to cover the additional value of the mailed items.

Please remember that if you choose to file a claim on lost mail or missing mail items, you risk exposing your own name and address on the shipping label if you have to file a claim.

It is best to remain anonymous for your protection and offer no retail value on each of the return labels.

USPS is very easy to print labels out to ship out and you literally all need to do is put them in your mailbox or hand them in person at the USPS post office.

However, ever since covid happened, any mails, even express and priority ends up being late and sometimes I had mail about 3 weeks late even though these mails are the fastest mails out there. If you do not have a UPS office nearby I understand, but just note that mail with USPS is 50-50. You either get mail sent out on time or it is in “limbo late”.

Using Pirateship to Send Your Orders

The second mailing service is Pirateship. This website is amazing because it does offer slightly lower discounts for shipping with USPS and UPS and can help you with international shipping quicker than USPS.

You essentially just put your return and shipping address. Then you put the size of the box and weight. Then you are given choices between USPS first class to UPS Next day early.

Every label varies in speed and price, but price and speed are relative. UPS has little record of being late and is usually on time than it is with USPS. UPS ranges from 8 or 9 dollars for ups ground, and then it goes above 10 bucks , 15 bucks for even faster shipping.

If you choose to ship with UPS and show your name and retail value on the box, Pirateship customer service can help you with lost in transit and missing mail items when shipping out with Pirateship directly.

They are amazing! You can email them or chat with them on their website for assistance! They basically do the filing for you and you get the lost insured money for refund in either a PayPal money or Pirateship credit!

They offer at least every month or few months a “scavenger hunt” on their emails where they give you then 10 bucks off your next shipping label. I, because of this website, ship everything only with Pirateship with only mainly UPS because of UPS reliability and Pirateship easiness of their website!

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