How to Approach Kinks and Fetishes on MTW

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How to Approach Kinks and Fetishes on MTW

On a platform literally designed for people on the kinkier side, the importance of catering to buyers’ specific interests - without crossing your own boundaries - cannot be overstated! Read on for some tips on how to engage in a way that leaves both you and your customers satisfied.

Curiosity over judgment

Since becoming a cam model, I have been asked to drink my own cum out of a shot glass, have an “accident” on camera, emulate a giant destroying a city, get shocked by a defibrillator, use my bathtub as a dunk tank, and so much more. While most of these requests did seem unusual at first, I leaned into the unknown and ended up forming some very meaningful, long-lasting connections.

Imagine if I had reacted with outright disgust, disapproval or ridicule. Not only would I have missed out on potential sales, but I would have unnecessarily made these viewers feel ashamed and invalidated.

As a seller on Male Things Worn, I recommend embracing curiosity as an overall mindset. It’s fine to feel skeptical or even shocked in the face of an unfamiliar idea, but stay mindful of your reaction, as your initial skepticism may simply be a lack of exposure.

If you keep your mind open and allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, you might just be surprised at what you discover. Being non-judgmental is as much about your interactions with others as it is yourself: you can practice being non-judgmental of your own feelings. That’s how I discovered that I was into body scents and made it on here in the first place!

Defining your limits

Yet as eye-opening and liberating as it can be to step outside of your comfort zone, this is not the same thing as doing something that makes you feel unsettled or unsafe. If your intuition is telling you that something just doesn’t feel right, take heed.

One time an online viewer asked me to pretend to be a little boy with a goldfish in my underwear, laughing and jumping around as if it was tickling me. The immediate sick feeling in my stomach signalled to me that I needed to set a boundary. Without shaming or deriding his request, I simply told him this was not something I felt comfortable doing again in the future.

Sometimes you’ll know even before trying something that it’s not your cup of tea. I know for a fact that if a buyer were to ask me for a custom video with scat play, I would politely decline. It’s important to stay open-minded while also being attuned to where you draw your lines.

And, of course, if you ever feel that you or someone else is in actual danger, report the situation to Male Things Worn or the appropriate authorities. Sadly, I have had to report multiple instances of child abuse during my time as a sex worker. I believe it is on all of us to keep an eye out for non-consensual harm occurring to people of all ages.

Learning what’s out there

How does the word “penis” make you feel? If you’re like one of my regular customers, just the repetition of that word and variations of it (“penis hole”, “penis juice”, etc.) is enough to get you off. Or you might be like another customer of mine, who gets off on being watched as he pies himself in the face.

Being on Male Things Worn, you will likely be exposed to a myriad of sexual interests that you never knew existed, but this site is by no means your only point of access! For a more extensive look into the world of kink and fetish, the internet is a powerful enlightenment tool:

  • Start a simple Google search for “Most common (or most uncommon) kinks and fetishes” to find tons of illuminating content
  • Browse the 600+ listed categories on Fetlife, a social networking site for the BDSM, fetish and kink community
  • Watch porn depicting any kinks/fetishes that pique your interest and see how you feel about them (some may be harder to find than others)

You can also message individual buyers and sellers on MTW to see if they’re open to chatting more about their particular kinks with you. Some won’t be, and that’s okay, but most people in my experience are more than happy to share their stories.

Reaching potential buyers

Taking all these opportunities to become well versed in kink will not only make buyers feel more comfortable with you, but it will also spark your creativity when thinking about what to offer.

Remember those destructive-giant and accident-having fetishes I mentioned earlier? Both have inspired unconventional items on my MTW page. I even have a mannequin torso with my underarm hair for anyone who’s into armpit licking. Not all kinks and fetishes will easily translate into physical products, but you’d be amazed at some of the possibilities that sellers have brought to life with their unique creations.

If you prefer to let buyers tell you what they want rather than designing kinky products yourself, invite an open dialogue by stating in your profile that you are kink/fetish friendly. This can be a general statement or an enumeration of the things you’re into/open to exploring. You can even look for buyers who mention certain fetishes in their profiles and offer to make them a custom video or product.

As a final note, remember to use lots and lots of tags (both broad and specific) in your listings. This will help buyers find your items, including the more specialized ones.

The takeaway

A healthy dose of curiosity can open your eyes to entire communities of people, make you less judgmental, and help you discover new interests. As a seller specifically, it can broaden your horizons for connecting with other MTW users and sharing your products with soon-to-be dedicated fans.

Feel free to check out my profile for more content like this, as well as my kinky products and videos. Always happy to answer any questions you may have!

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