Using The Dashboard To Help You Sell Your Used Undies

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Using The Dashboard To Help You Sell Your Used Undies

So, you have signed up to the Male Things Worn and this big dashboard has appeared with a range of underwear, socks and naughty extras from a bunch of people who have appeared in your face. You take a peek at what is being sold and the new buyers that have joined the site. There are a whole bunch of likes and comments from people across the site and you are feeling ready to get into the mix. What do you do next?

Now, I am not claiming to be an expert and I ask you to take this blog post with a pinch of salt, as what works for some may not work for others. It’s all about finding your own style at the end of the day but it never harms to put yourself out there for the MTW community to see you and your potential. Here are some of my tips to maximise your potential on the dashboard:

Photo Updates

I am one of the first people to admit I do like to post a cheeky picture on the dashboard. Some are usually more creative than others but nonetheless, you will generally find a photo a day from me. Feeling good in your body is key to selling your naughty bits on here so do not feel ashamed if there is a bit of a love handle popping out, some stretch marks or that you do not have a six-pack. Buyers like to know who is wearing and preparing their goods and most of the time they like the idea of the average Joe, so go and take that photo and you can even do what I do and turn it into a photoshoot and just pick your best one!

Post A Generic Status Update

Sometimes, you may be too busy to upload a photo, maybe you are just too tired or you are just on the work. But try and give the community an update on your day. Be creative and talk about your sweaty underwear or how much you have been on your smelly feet working all day. If you don’t feel those creative juices flowing, then a simple hello to the community works just as fine.

One tip though, do not turn your post into one of those depressing Facebook statuses, remember the dashboard is a place filled with positive but kinky vibes. If you need to talk to someone then drop that in a private chat.

Upload Listings

When you post a listing, it goes on the dashboard for the community and for any potential buyers to see. So, why not add a bit of spice and kinkiness to your listing?

A cheeky name or a naughty photo can grab the attention of a new buyer and a future connection. Using your listings to give the community an idea of what you are about and what you are offering, might even get a few appreciation likes from other sellers.

Engage With The Community

You may find this an odd one, but the dashboard is the perfect place to meet other like-minded individuals who have similar kinks and desires. Giving a like or writing a cheeky comment underneath a post you like or get turned on by can benefit you in the long run. A big mistake is to turn the dashboard into a competitive place which does not work in the long run.

You will also find some of our naughty buyers even like to post their own little teasing pictures which we encourage and love to see. Plus, you may even make some friendships and with this current pandemic, it can be a benefit to make a new kinky friend.

So, leave your bad vibes at the door and give that sexy underwear photo a like.

Embrace Body & Self-confidence

Out of all the things I have mentioned so far, the biggest one which will benefit you on MTW and in selling your used items is body and self-confidence. Without this, honestly, you will not be living up to your potential as the great seller you can be!

You will see a range of guys with different body shapes, shades and looks but just remember you have your own look going. I will not lie, when I first came on here I was quite intimidated by the number of guys I saw but I had to remember my body is just as good and you need to remember that each time you post on here!

Male Things Worn is what you make of it at the end of the day and the dashboard is one of the big features which can help you progress on the site. Some of the tips I have put above, even I am working on to this day, no one is perfect but do not be put off by all the underwear, socks and naughty extras you may see, embrace it!

Good luck to all you buyers and sellers reading this and stay sexy!

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