How To Be a Great Seller of Men's Used Underwear

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How To Be a Great Seller of Men's Used Underwear

With a LITTLE extra effort!

I hope buyers and sellers both are enjoying this wonderful little community that has been created here. I know I am, but I wanted to provide some advice on a couple of things based on my experience.

Obviously, we are all here to make a little $$ or as a buyer fulfil our desires and needs. But a few buyers have recently informed me that some of the orders they placed did meet their expected standards due to the lack of a good scent. I’m not going to turn this into a beating my own chest type article because I have all 5* reviews and buyers tell me I’ve got the best crotch or foot smell.

Sure you can make a few bucks but returning customers is what sustains any business and I’d like to advise sellers to be sure we are treating customers as friends and not just a quick transaction that will help fill out pockets.

Fulfilling Your Buyer's Needs

First of all the customer is most likely here for a smell. Sense of smell can elicit a profound experience of a memory or a time and place where they have experienced similar smell before.

My biggest advice for those of you selling “smelly stuff”, make it nasty. Whatever you think smells like the level of what they want, TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER. When I have a boxer brief order I frequently will wear my spandex leggings OVER them when I hit the gym to lock-in that glorious sweat and flavor that my buyers are after.

Is it an inconvenience for me, not really? Some might think so and if that is the case just make sure you charge appropriately. I don’t think my prices are cheap by any means. I’ll be honest and say some of my prices have gone up to meet demand. With that being said I have also found a level of client that appreciates my work and is happy to pay a few dollars more to ensure that their want/need/fantasy or whatever you want to call it is fulfilled in the way that they want.

They are buying from us to feel a certain way. Could be sexual, could be memory-based (a seller told me he likes my boxer briefs because it’s what his first gay experience had and he’ll never forget that smell and he likes to recreate it from time to time) or could just be pure desire to be or smell like someone else for those who like to wear used men's items.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Secondly, if you’re not able to meet what the customer is asking for then don’t be afraid to say no. Don’t be afraid to try things either but don’t be afraid to say no if you’re:

  • A.) Not comfortable doing what they ask or
  • B.) Think that you can’t provide the quality of the item they are requesting.

Used Socks That Can Clear a Room!

In my most recent sock sale, I was told to make them as if they could have women and children run screaming from the room when the package was opened. I took on the challenge quite seriously. Instead of wearing my normal work boots that week. I switched to my neoprene insulated work boots for the week to help my feet sweat while I was out at my job sites…I sweat plenty as it is but again was it a huge inconvenience for me to switch to late-season hunting boots to help provide the best product I could, NO!

Going The Extra Mile

Lastly, make sure that you are making it right with them. If you can’t meet what they ask or there are issues just be honest with the buyer. I’ve had delayed shipments that I added an extra pair of briefs to them because it took so long to get there. Wasn’t my fault or theirs but I had no orders that week and “losing a $25 pair” or boxer briefs is no big deal when one sale can go buy an entirely new pack. That gesture had him back buying more in no time. I hope that this doesn’t come across as me preaching to y’all because I know 90% of us sellers do our very best to give the best we can.

I hope that this allows us to all make a concerted effort going forward to really treat our customers as the special people that they are with special needs/requests that they have. It’s hard to hit up a total stranger on the internet and ask them to wear the same boxers for 4 days and add some dribble or skit to it and ship it across the country. If they have the desire to go far enough to put in an order like that they least we sellers can do is put in a little extra effort to give them what they want. That is the whole reason this site got started was to give folks with this kind of desire a way to fulfil their needs.

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