Making Your Personality Stand Out When Selling Used Undies

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Making Your Personality Stand Out When Selling Used Undies

You remember well that networking is a very important business skill when you try to market your business or even if you are applying for a job.

You know that networking is about building relationships on Male Things Worn. It is about building friendships or relationships with the customers to gain trust and confidence in them to be able to work with you.

The importance of customer service

Well, if you know about how to interact with customers just like how you would as a cashier in a grocery store, then you are on your way to being the best at customer service. Obviously, if you are a seller, you know customer service is important, but let us ignore all about business and focus on how to make yourself stand out: your personality!

As quoted from Oxford’s dictionary personality is “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.”

Personality is what helps other sellers and buyers see what kind of person you truly are. Personality does not mean you have to show your true raw face out to the world or tell everyone you work for company ABC whatever your company is. It is not about revealing every personal information to the world. It is basically seeing your spirit. (no we are not talking about religion.)

What do you offer that nobody else does?

If you are a store just selling items, you have got to think, what is it you offer that nobody else offers? If you think about it, I could go shop at another store to buy clothing that is just the same type of clothing, but I would go there because the people there are nice and the customer service is spot-on! Well, we need to establish your personality to make yourself be you!

As I always say and learned in my personal life, the number one suggestion is to never compare yourself to others! Ok, there are people in your life who may be making more money than you, may have a wife/partner and kids and look like a perfect man out there than you! Or you may see other sellers posting their good-looking bodies and they are making more sales than you.

Well, I do not try to copy others for the sake of making myself better because then it does not show me raw where I am myself trying to follow my own dreams or happiness. Actually comparing yourself to others actually makes you feel worse!

Using photography to stand out

I always realized I need to focus and care for myself. For example, I make sure to use professional photography when I used to take my photos of whatever it is I am doing. I am grateful for that, as it makes my pictures stand out from those taken on a cellphone

Another example, my job is completely manual labor work. I get to move my body and be physically active every single day at my job. Not many people have jobs where they get to run around and use their whole bodies in their jobs and not be sedentary.

Not everyone can be proud to work in a physically active job where the job is so physically energizing that there is no need to set time outside of work to go exercise or go get a gym membership. You can see the list goes on and on.

Play to your own strengths

So you can see here that we should focus on what are the things that make you grateful and even your own strengths that can be of great advantage compared to others.

Although I am no certified or trained expert in the field of being smart ( I am for sure not a 4.0 smartass), but, I can tell you I am very analytic about how I see the world around me and then somehow apply what I learn to my own integration of things.

I compare doing business on MTW as how is it in certain clothing stores, do better than others. It is always the quality. Quality to me is focusing on good content that can entice buyers and sellers to see what I have in store.

For some guys they can be turned on by the underwear I wear, or what I wear to work and can leave it up to their imagination. I do also have digital options for my buyers if they want me to evaluate their bodies or to even have whatever digital request is asked of. I always make sure mannerism is a big must!

Be yourself

The next thing is to “be yourself”. We all hear this common phrase all the time in our lives! That phrase cannot be said enough on MTW! Again, I am not telling you to go tell everyone online your full name and who you are whatever. I am saying show your feelings, your likes, what you like to do in your free time!

I can come out and tell you I am a shopaholic or love to shop. I rather spend my money on clothing and looking good. If you met me in real life, you could call me a fashionista or even a fashion lover.

But again, this dream can be anyone’s dream if fashion is the thing that they love the most. I love to go shop for example lately, at LOFT, and I could tell you about this store or other stores I have been to that have such wonderful clothing I bought. I am also not afraid to speak the truth about jewellery that I bought from past stores that have shit jewellery.

You don't have to give away your identity

So you see, I am basically telling about what I love to do or who I am without giving away my identity. If you were into fashion like me, you and me could talk for a long time about fashion I promise you.

Fashion of course is not what I talk about, but we could talk about other things, like I can talk about personal things I went through how my employer made me get a covid test, even though I called out for actually being “burned out” unapologetically.

I even would come out and say how if the guys at work saw how I bent down and saw my sexual underwear at work how I was able to turn heads at work. Well the list of things I can talk about myself can go on and on etc etc.

Bring "you" to the world of selling used undies

So find things you would love to share to the world about, things you like, things you love to do off of work. You can talk about personal stories about what is going on with you. There is a lot about how to bring “you” to the world and share your “spirit” to others.

When you established your “spirit”, you can then be comfortable with who you are on MTW, and people can see the real “you” for being raw about yourself.

Find things you can talk about yourself on MTW or take photos of things you do in your life! But when you do finally get to talk to other buyers or users and they just want to sit and talk, just talk about life, hobbies, likes etc.

When you express yourself, you should not always tell people to go buy something off you as it makes you seem desperate. You should be raw and talk about like for example, talking about covid, celebrities, things that can get others to resonate with you in a way. If being “you” meaning showing off your naked body, be my guest!

In the words of Jessie J from her song “Who You Are”, here is some lyrics to inspire you for the better.

Don't lose who you are

In the blur of the stars

Seeing is deceiving

Dreaming is believing

It's okay not to be okay

Sometimes it's hard

To follow your heart

But tears don't mean you're losing

Everybody's bruising

There's nothing wrong with who you are…

Just be true to who you are

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