How to Network & Build Relationships as a Seller on MTW

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How to Network & Build Relationships as a Seller on MTW

You come onto Male Things Worn to sell out your entire wardrobe. You quickly learn that you cannot expect to just post your entire used underwear inventory online and hope some nice guy buys your entire collection. You do know that the other important thing important is to “network”.


“Network” is making connections with other sellers and buyers before you even think of just “sell! Sell! Sell!” Now you do have to actually kind of network like you would do on LinkedIn. So if you are a new seller, do not be afraid to talk to other sellers who are also online who already made sales.

You are welcome to ask them for advice they may be happy for a chat. You can also instead of approaching buyers for sales, is to come up to them for a little chat. Like you can go to a buyer or seller and talk about how you love to sleep naked or go up to them and talk about the holidays etc. You can keep the topics mutual about something you both like. for example, if you are both into sports, talk about sports, or talk about holidays if you both do holidays. It is about keeping connections or you can call it friendships when you learn to make the connections in the first place.

Remember, you do not have to reveal anything or everything if you do not want to! I have talked to users who respect my need for privacy and you can still make friends on here without sharing your identity with anyone online. Many users are all over the spectrum. Some completely will show their face and body, some are semi, or others like to stay anonymous. I am myself staying anonymous. If you can learn to focus on the friendship aspect of making connections on MTW, you can make other sellers and buyers comfortable with your personality. The true identity of the person should not matter.

Using the Dashboard to Your Advantage

Another idea on how you can make connections is to go into the dashboard! The Dashboard is kind of like the home page of where you would be on Facebook posting your statuses. You can post about how you had a hard day at work or talk about having a good time with your friends one night. This is your best chance place to post about your listings.

Remember, apart from posting your statuses, you can post repost your past listings online and post new listings up. They will come up on the newsfeed. Unlike Facebook, where you have to be friends with the other user to see their status, on MTW, you do not have to follow everyone or follow anyone at all really to see everyone’s latest statuses.

Following users is really actually only helpful if you love that user a lot that you want to go back to that person’s profile to check back again later in the future.

How to Add a Post

On “add post” on the “dashboard” page, you can add your post where you can write a paragraph about yourself. There is also on the drop arrow option like “add photo” where you can describe a photo you uploaded whether it is about business on MTW, or just stuff in your life. (remember you do not have to show your face or body in your photos!)

There is also the option “add exclusive content” where you can add listings on your shop where your buyers have to pay to see “exclusive content” where you can post your exclusive photos, exclusive videos etc.

You also got “create order” where you can create your orders for any customer you are currently dealing with.

Finally is the fun option “add poll”. This is super fun to make. You can make poll asking a question to everyone, and you are required to give two choices. You are allowed 2 additional answer choices if you want to. You can engage in the community about if you should buy a new video game console, or even ask about what turns a person on. You let that post sit for some time, and users can answer the answer choices. Then you can view the results of the poll after you let time fly by to see the results.

This can help users think you are a fun person and engaging. Then it helps you understand your target audience better. Selling yourself is all about how to figure out how to market to the target audience!

Remember you cannot post about any grievances or beef towards other users if you are having problems with them. You cannot post about who they are on the dashboard or in any of your statuses or else your account can get suspended and even “terminated”. When you are having frustrations with a user whether it is a potential buyer or seller being mean to you, make sure to message them privately and sort out your differences. If the person is a buyer who is demanding you to do things but you feel uncomfortable or even begins harassing you, try to tell them to stop, or just block them. You should only end up reporting them if their behavior keeps going without stopping. In the end, if you don’t want any more problems for either you or the buyer, just hit the “BLOCK” button.

You may lose a potential customer, but there are plenty of users who can be nicer and understanding.

Just also remember to not post your naked photos because those should be used for your products.

Also, remember to not put links up for your other payment websites on your statuses or else you can get suspended or even terminated.

Importance of Community

Remember this website is a community. We all are on here for either selling our old undies to please others or on here to get smelly undies to get turned up! When you make connections with other users and become friends, you build healthy connections with people who want you to push you forward In your success as a seller.

Make sure to treat others how you want to be treated. Whether you are talking to a buyer or a seller, if that person feels like you can be a warm safe person to chat with, you make the connection. If that person instead experiences the opposite, that person would not feel safe to do business with you at all.

Do not pressure anyone into buying something. If you want them to at least pay attention to your shop, just say something like “Hey welcome to MTW! Feel free to check out my shop, and let me know if you have any questions and requests. I’d be happy to help you out!”

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