How To Stay Safe Selling Your Used Boxer's Online - Part 2

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How To Stay Safe Selling Your Used Boxer's Online - Part 2

Your body

You come to realize now that in order to even be successful or get yourself out there is to: sell your body! You realized that the only way buyers would be convinced to buy your used underwear is if they can see the man wearing the underwear in the first place! I had only met one seller who got away from showing any part of his body not even his skin and he is a top seller. Basically, I am telling you that you do need to “sell yourself” to get yourself “out there!” At the same time, we should talk about safety tips now that we do.

Living with people (friends, family, roommates etc)

If you are in a situation where you are not living alone and live with other people, please take your safety very seriously! I’d rather you not get caught taking nudes of yourself or performing a video while someone is in the house.

There is so much to talk about when you are not living alone to protect yourself. The first thing you should do is if you live with other people, find a room, like your own private bedroom where you can have the doors shut at the most times where you get the most privacy in the house. You do not want to make it obvious.

If people are in the house at the time you decide to take photos or videos, just perform underwear shots of yourself and keep the camera sound OFF! Leaving the video camera on can possibly expose your real name in the sound if it is heard and recorded! If you are alone in the house and no one is around, you can take the perfect time, nudes of yourself and even videos of yourself.

Nudes of yourself can be taken while other people are in the house, just make sure they are not going to bother you at all so you know you are “safe” in taking photos of yourself. For this reason, you should not be making an Onlyfans or Chaturbate as it would be very boring to post or film when you cannot get totally creative and if you are doing this in hiding!

Your devices

You should also consider protecting yourself seriously with your devices at home. If you are using in this case, a smartphone, make sure you take a photo of something else in the house after you get done with your MTW photos.

This ensures that if somebody were to grab your phone to borrow and they got into your “camera” or “photos” section, this helps to ensure the first photo or the photo to pop up is the last photo you have taken like you can take a photo of the book you are reading or the floor. Because even if you do delete your MTW photos off your phone, if you did not take a photo of anything else, the first photo to pop up in your “recent photos” section or the first photo to appear when you turn your “camera” on is the last photo you have taken.

That is why when you get done with your MTW photoshoot, delete all of them off your phone and delete it from your “recently deleted” section in case your phone gets lost or stolen and to make sure nobody else sees your photo contents if someone borrows it.

Keep your MTW business at home and NOT out of the house! If you have a computer whether it is shared, or your own, if in case somebody needs to borrow it or wants to google something with you on your laptop, there is more safety tips needed too!

Make sure to close your MTW tab off so the person borrowing your computer or with you does not see your MTW website. (Good to know: Every time you log in and out of your computer, MTW has to have you manually log into the website all the time to keep yourself protected!) You also will be storing your photos and videos in your own “folders”. This tip is very important too in case you need to show something to your mates at your computer to protect yourself.

You know how when you click the “folder” icon on your computer it pops you automatically to “Quick Access”? “Quick Access” has the most frequent folders ever you visited and even the most “recent files” you just opened. You should always take any folders related to MTW OFF “Quick Access”. To do this, you simply go up in the “Frequent folders” section and right-click the folders you do not want to stay shown. For example, if you named your folder “Male Things Worn”, right-click that folder and hit “Remove from Quick Access”.

You must always make sure this step is done so in case somebody has to borrow your laptop, they don’t see this obvious folder in their face! Always do this before you turn off and log off! The other thing you must always do is if you see any MTW-related files open, go to “File” and hit “Options”. There you will click “clear File Explorer History. This helps to make sure your MTW files are not obvious to any computer borrower. Always do this step right before you log off and turn off your computer for your safety!

Your Body to Sell

Now this is very subjective into how much of your body you choose to sell and show online on MTW. Half the sellers here are FULL, while the others are HALF. FULL people are those who do not mind showing their face and body online. HALF is where sellers do not show off their faces at all but their bodies. Now if you are literally debating on getting a tattoo and want to stay anonymous as much as you can, I highly suggest you do not get a tattoo for your protection! Unless you have a very rare and stand-out birthmark where anybody can recognize you, you are highly likely not going to be recognized if you choose to not show off your face!

Many people are HALF because they do not want any of their friends or employers to know they are doing this as being on MTW is very taboo in this world and maybe in some cases illegal if you are caught selling your used underwear or body stuffs whatever it is. You do now realize you need to sell your body online to get sales and notices!

You should do is take nudes of yourself and when you do take underwear shots, it must be “sexy” or “enticing” where the buyers can see your body being sexy in the underwear so it convinces them to buy it. Not only are you just wearing the underwear, but you show off your butt or your pubic hair to get the people glued onto you! You definitely want to get used to taking nudes of yourself for MTW.

Of course you know by now that you cannot show off your penis online because it is not allowed because they want you to save it for your “exclusive content” and then you can get your account suspended if you show off your penis. I personally use BeFunky on my phone and computer and you do not have to make an account to use these.

You can use this simple app to crop your photos and then you can add stickers to it where you can use the stickers to cover up your private areas. If you use BeFunky on your computer, make sure when you get done editing your MTW photo, put a non MTW photo up there like your favorite celebrity so no one catches you editing sexual photos of yourself. If you do it on your phone, which is super easy and fast, make sure you delete the app off your phone so all the data associated is erased so next time you open the app on your phone, it starts as new!

You can also when you take your photos is crop your head off so nobody sees your head. Or if your face gets in the photo, put a sticker over it to protect your identity. Make sure when you take photos you do not show how you dress in real life in case anybody notices you in real life or notices what you wear off your own personal social media pages.

It is best that you do not wear any of your normal clothing for MTW unless it is something you no longer will wear and plan to sell on MTW. Your best bet when it comes to taking photos of yourself is to be mostly naked! Also, make sure when you do take photos, make sure there is nothing in the background, such as your name in the background, a stand-out characteristic in your bedroom in case you posted it already on social media, or framed pictures of you in the room. You want to keep your MTW life away from your own personal and professional life to be made not obvious. You need your body to sell!

Your real-life jobs and risk of famous

Now this is a very grey subject matter. Many of us got into this business either to get rid of old underwear we do not want anymore or because we hate our day jobs as it does not pay much. Many people here are in regular jobs and are not like celebrities whereas here anybody can do this without getting noticed online.

Now if you are a famous celebrity and you decide to do this, the answer is a grey area. If you become famous while you are still doing this, I am not sure how the world would react if anybody found out you were doing MTW. If things are not seen weird by the world, perhaps you can still do this. Or if people look the other way, you might want to delete MTW for your own protection in case you get into legal trouble or if people sell out your body photos and nudes to the world.

If you still want to run MTW and do not want to get the risk of you becoming famous to discovering this if you predict you will be famous any imminent time soon, let your buyers know you will no longer show your face or body for your own protection. If you want also, you can delete your MTW account and start over if you feel safe as a new seller in a new form, or just get off MTW fully for your protection.

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