Buyers - How To Protect Yourself & What To Do When Things Go Wrong

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Seller Tips For Buyers
Buyers - How To Protect Yourself & What To Do When Things Go Wrong

There is a lot of trust involved in buying used items. The majority of us sellers on Male Things Worn are genuinely honest people and not out to scam you. As much as we all would love to trust everyone and want things to go smoothly, unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. Here is a guide on how to protect yourself, and what to do if things go wrong, so you are not left out of pocket.

Premium and Verified Sellers

Always make sure that you are dealing with a Premium Seller and one that is Verified. You can find these details on the seller's profile page. Under their profile picture, it will tell you if they are a premium seller (only "Premium Sellers" can actually sell and chat with you on MTW, normal "Seller" can not respond to messages).

Underneath their Country and Gender, it will state if they are verified or not. Verified means that the Admin Team has checked that this account is a male and not a robot or someone being a catfish.

Check reviews

Always read the reviews, they are there for a reason. You can see if this seller has had any bad feedback. You can also see which other buyers have had a good experience with this seller.

Take note of the feedback, if the reviews are all from females, then this Seller might not be right for you if you want to deal with a gay seller. Or vice versa if you want to buy from a straight seller.

Also, if all the reviews are looking like they are left for a buyer, this person might not be a great seller of items, but likes to buy things for himself and has built up his reviews that way.

You can always click into the profile of the person that has left the review to see what reciprocal feedback was left for them.

Keep it onsite

Make sure you keep your communication of the purchase and costs on the message stream on the website. This way, if you incur problems later down the line you can refer back to the message stream for evidence of what was discussed and agreed. Some sellers may ask you to go to KIK, Instagram, email or other forms of communication, this is fine, but keep yourself protected by discussing the transaction on MTW. This will also help if you have to report the Seller if they are ever abusive or force you to buy something you don't want or agree to.

Order Management System

Always get the seller to send you an MTW order. This goes to your email address and will have the details of the item/service and the price agreed and method of payment details on it. If you are happy with what is stated on the order, accept it, and send your address details if they are required. This is a confirmation of your agreement and price. Don't pay for anything that is not agreed on an order.

Secure payment methods

KinkCoins are the most secure way to pay as your bank/card details are never exposed to the seller. This also protects you through the site should anything go wrong. Payment methods like Paypal and Cashapp are also good, but with these, you will be required to share information like your name and email address. They also offer certain levels of protection for buyers, however, ideally, you don't want to have to rely on these if there is a problem as the last thing you want to do is to have to explain to them what you were purchasing. Hopefully, it will never come to that.

Tracked delivery

Ask the seller to use a tracked delivery service. Most good sellers will only use a tracked service, but if your seller is not offering this, then insist on this. Trust me it's worth it. Once they have shipped your item, the seller will send you a notification of shipping with your tracking number.

What to do if things go wrong

If the item doesn't turn up in the expected time frame, firstly track the item to see where it is. Reach out to the seller to ask for an update. If they haven't used a tracked service, it is the seller's responsibility to solve the situation by sending you an alternative item or offering a full refund. If they have used a tracked service, the seller needs to contact the delivery service to raise a query and to make a claim. If the package is deemed as lost by the service, then the Seller should send you an alternative or offer a full refund.

Report seller

If the seller is not responding or willing to help you to solve the issue then you need to report the Seller. Go to the Seller's profile page and next to the "Message Seller" button there are 3 dots. Just click for the drop-down menu and go to "Report User".

Use the drop-down menu and choose the reason and fill in the basic details of the issue. Admin will take this on board and investigate the situation. This will also leave a flag on the Sellers account that they have been reported.

Admin Team is on hand

Alternatively, you can email Admin at [email protected] with all of the details so they can contact the seller on your behalf to try and find an amicable solution. You can send them a copy of your order and screenshots of your chat as back up if needed.

Leave an honest review

Leave the Seller a review. If they handled the situation badly then leave them a 1-star review with a basic line of what happened. This really helps your fellow buyers as a warning to stay away from this seller as their conduct is not good.

If the Seller handled the situation well and helped to solve the issue then leave them a positive review, as it shows that this seller is an honest individual and tried their best to help you. If you have already left a review (as only one per person can be left) and would like to replace the previous one, you can delete your previous review and replace this with a new one.

Enjoy shopping on MTW with confidence! Always feel free to reach out to the Admin Team or to one of the top sellers for advice, we are always willing to help. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there, but if we all work together and report them, we can make MTW a safe place for you to buy and for us to sell.

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