Tips on How to Become a Top Seller of Used Mens Items

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Tips on How to Become a Top Seller of Used Mens Items

Male Things Worn was created due to the success of male sellers on All Things Worn. Now buyers and sellers of mens worn items have their own dedicated male-only platform. One of our top sellers has come with this guide on how to be a top seller on Male Things Worn. Read on for tips on how to get the most out of MTW and become a successful seller of those used tighty whities, stinky socks, well-worn shoes and more.

Create a captivating bio.

This is important as buyers want to know who they are buying from. Tell them who you are, things you like, what you are prepared to offer. Keep it brief, no one has time to read an essay on your life. It should be about you and not asking buyers to tell you what they want.

Don't make it a begging letter of how you need money, it's not sexy or appealing. Don't lie and make up things, if you don't want people to know something then just don't mention it. Just be yourself. If you don't want to reveal your sexuality or something about you, that’s totally fine!

Upload an enticing profile picture.

It doesn't have to be of your face. You can use a product photo or cartoon image if you want to remain anonymous. It's better than leaving it blank as this makes you stand out. Don't keep changing your profile name and picture. It confuses buyers and doesn't give buyers much confidence in you. Especially if they have checked out your original profile and then can't find you again.

Get verified.

It's an easy task and gives the buyers reassurance that you are legit.Don’t worry, this is only seen by the Admin Team and never made public.

List your products or services.

Upload at least 5, otherwise, your shop page looks poor. Don't rely on just your profile to get you sales. I have often seen new sellers that just put up a profile saying "contact me with what you want". It doesn't work!

Buyers won't approach anyone without any listings. They want to see the type of things you have and the approximate prices.

Price your goods appropriately, don't severely overprice (as that can put buyers off) and at the same time don't underprice either (as that looks cheap and poor value).

Don't sell yourself short, You are putting a lot of time and effort into this, so always value that. Selling cheap doesn't work, trust me I have tried it. Buyers just end up thinking that you are selling low/poor quality items/service.

Add interesting product descriptions

Don't just copy and paste your profile text again, they have already read it and it shows you can't be bothered. Describe the item, size, material, or how you wear it, what you do in it, why you like it, what is the buyer going to love about it.

Also, be aware of the abbreviations you use. The audience on MTW is of all ages, so not everyone may get it when you say "hmu in my DM's"

Use appealing photos of your items.

You can list up to 5 images per item, use this opportunity and where possible add additional ones, different angles, close up's etc. You don't have to show your face or your body, it's totally up to you, and if a buyer requests photos then just say sorry I don't do face/body photos, if that is something you are uncomfortable with.

Once again don't lie, by either using stock photos (if you do then say that it is a stock photo) or heavily photoshopping your image so you look like someone else. Embrace your body, there is someone for everyone out there. As long as the product is shown, that's all that matters, as that is what the buyer is buying. You are then not deceiving the buyer in any way.

Relist your items

You can do this after 7 days and re-list up to 5 items in 24 hours. Even 1 re-list a day is enough to show that you are active and around.

Use the status updates to engage with the community.

Interact with other sellers by liking their posts or commenting. It's a great community here, so once they see you liking their posts they will do the same with yours.

Aim to post 2-3 times a day including your item re-posts. Spread them throughout the day, so it covers various times zones for international buyers and sellers.

Make them fun, interesting and positive. No one wants to hear you moaning about a bad day you are having or how you haven't had a sale yet. Use the DM's to a fellow seller if you want to let off steam, most of us are happy to listen and also have bad days too! It just looks desperate when sellers keep begging for someone to buy off them.

Be patient, sometimes it takes a while to get started. Don't beg for donations or tips, it just looks cheap and desperate. Don't post too often and keep repeating the same posts either. As we are a small community here, when you keep repeating the same thing, not only does it get boring but also looks desperate. If you have nothing to say then don't say anything and just keep interacting with other sellers and buyers.

Reach out to buyers by saying "Hi".

Just introduce yourself and ask them to check out your page/profile/shop. Don't start shoving items and photos in front of them begging for a sale. Just think about it this way, when you go shopping on the High Street, you look at window displays and walk-in. If the sales assistant approaches you and starts getting pushy trying to sell you something you don't want, it's very off-putting and often scares you away. Whereas if you went in and the sales assistant says "Hi, feel to have a browse and let me know if you need any help?", you are more likely to hang around and buy something. A lot of the buyers here are new and often nervous about making their first purchase. They want to look around and not be harassed. They will reach out when they are ready and have a question.

Converse with the buyers

Make them feel comfortable and that you are willing and able to help find them what they want. Listen to them, and don't judge. If what they are asking is not for you, then politely say so and recommend another seller that might be able to help them out.

Don't try and undercut other sellers.

Often buyers and looking and chatting with a couple of sellers at the same time. Let the buyer decide who they want to purchase from. Don't get into price wars or offering better deals to get the customer. This creates a very unpleasant environment on the site. If the customer doesn't buy from you this time, don't worry they may come back next time. Good things come to those who wait!

I actually had a Buyer ask me to price match another seller's deal, and I politely said, "sorry but this is my best price, and you won't be disappointed if you go with me", and the buyer did go with my item, and has been back to buy even more!


Once you have completed a sale, leave the buyer a positive review and ask them to leave you one too. It can take time to build these up, but be patient. Don't try and create fake reviews between other sellers, as these are noticed and deleted. It just shows how dishonest you and the other seller are, and also shows desperation.

If the buyer has messed you around, is a timewaster or ghosted you, then please do leave them a negative review. This helps us, fellow sellers, to be aware of these time wasters and is a way for all of us to look out for one another. If you feel threatened or if anyone is abusive then reach out to Admin who will investigate and take appropriate action.

Reach out to other sellers for advice or just to have a chat.

Most of us are nice people and love to have a chat and a moan, It's not all about money! I have made a few friends here that I reach out to and chat with when I need, and because of that friendship I always recommend them when I am unable to help a buyer out, and they recommend me to other buyers too. Get to know a few of them, and be friendly and polite.

I once had a new seller reach out for advice, which I happily gave and he didn't even thank me or then like any of my posts, so he definitely won't be on my recommendations list. Yes, we are all in competition with each other, but you will begin to notice that 95% of the buyers on here like to buy from more than just one seller, so there is plenty to go around for all of us.

Don't copy other sellers bios or product descriptions!

Not only is this plagiarism it also shows you have no originality or personality. Do your own thing. Just because another seller is doing something, doesn't mean you have to do it as well. It's also not good for building seller relationships on the site, as we all talk to each other and you will be called out on it.

Finally, Enjoy the site!

We are all here to have some fun whatever your kink is.

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