Mentor Me, Daddy - Erotica

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Mentor Me, Daddy - Erotica

As a man in his early/mid 40s, established life good job, thought I would do my duty and mentor this new lad at my local gym I guess the daddy thing it helped he was a good-looking lad had a bit of an innocent look on his face, he was new to area didn’t know anyone it turns out.

I met Steve on what was like normal training day some time ago, the gym I go to is fairly spit and sawdust, was doing some boxing work on the bags and spotted this lad looking over. After I finished a sweaty round on the bag, he was still looking curiosity got the better of me, dripping with sweat I spoke to him asked him if he was ok.

He introduced himself as Steve just moved to the area that week for a new job. It was his first time in the gym and was wondering the gym boxing gloves were as he couldn’t see any.

Sadly, the gym I go to you bring your own. I explained this to him, and he looked disappointed. Told him he could use my gloves if he wanted for a short round as was about to start a should and back workout, but they would be a bit sweaty, he grinned and took me up on the offer.

After about 15 minutes he passed them back to me, asking him how he got on he said it was fine. Speaking to him he hadn’t really got much experience of boxing and was more into running and cardio but new city new gym he wanted to try some new things, He looked like had a runners build about 5’7 light brown hair and lean damn cute smile looked a bit innocent.

As time progressed I saw him a few times attempting bag work he managed to get his own glove but never got the hang of it, one Sunday was there at gym and the weights training wasn’t doing it for me, I had brought my full boxing kit including pads and I was due to do a session with a mate who pulled put last minute, took the chance to speak to Steve and explained I could help him with technique, after a good hour of pad work, the boy was dripping with sweat, I admit I was turned on giving him instructions and him listening to my every commend I did wonder would he be this obedient in the sack.

After that I started to hang out a bit with him after gym, he still hadn’t had chance to make connections with people, started with a pint in town, then giving him a hand with some DIY in his new flat, it turned out he lived not far from me.

After a heavy training session he invited me around for a brew and chill, having nothing better to do as the bird was on a long shift I took him up on the offer, something seemed different he seemed a bit nervous didn’t think much of it, but noticed him doing a sly look at my groin (which I know what that meant), Steve has never given off the vibe of liking dick but at the same time had never spoken about birds, So I took the opportunity to probe him.

It started with asking him if he had met any birds in the area and manage to get any Head since coming to the area, after a moment and brief pause he responded that birds weren’t his thing and he was into men but I shouldn’t worry as he knew I was straight, after a pause from myside and grin on my face I responded that I am straight most of the time but get horny when bird isn’t around for me to seed her. He stopped thought then realised what I said, I explained that I am man with a high sex drive and fking ass feels a lot like fking a vagina and it’s all about friction.

After about an hour chatting about sex, he drew closer and unzipped my jeans, there was ready a bulge forming gently he got down on his knees and took my hard cock into his wet and welcoming mouth, after sucking for a while I told him to strip as I wanted to see his naked body and ass, he complied like a good boy. Inspecting his body, it was as tight and firm as I thought with a small little triangle of brown hair on his chest, and skin that looked perfect.

I could see he wanted more, so drawing him in I got him to sit on my lap facing me, his body movement gave away he wanted to take my hard cock there and then. He didn’t need to ask. Without words he sat on my dick and slide gently up and down on it, moaning as he went. He felt tight and warm, he wanted my seed inside him. As instructed, I told him to play with his cock and he was riding me, the boy complied. After about 15 minutes I could feel him getting to the point where he was going to shoot, but he didn’t want to cum until I told him he could after another 10 minutes of edging him I told him I would allow him to come, which the boy did as he was told. And shot his thick cum over my hairy chest, his entire body shook when he shot.

That was horny, he begged for me to shoot my load in him, he would get his wish, flipping him I got him to kneel on the sofa ass up facing the wall, if he wanted my load then he would have it, but slow and gentle doesn’t work for me rough and raw does, inserting my dick into his already prepared ass, I started slow and gentle then built up the thrust grinding into him grunting as I did, his moaning got louder to the point I had to reach around with my hand and put it over his mouth to silence him, he was mine and would take it anyway I wanted him to, the build got too much after pleasing myself I shot a load right into him raw.

We both cleaned off and I left to get back to my house, Steve and I train together still once a week apparently for 2 hours on a Sunday, in reality we train an hour in the gym and the 2nd hour I train his ass at his flat.

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