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Please read below.
I have now moved over to Buying from Sellers who have or who show me a face pic confidential of course,It adds to the great thrill of buying and wearing the guys used wears, not just cold wear.

To ensure you feel safe and comfortable with me-
I guarantee and ensure no sharing of sellers information, photos conversations or pa**ing anything on to ANYONE under any circ*mstances.

Just for the record, If I get Crap items, I will be leaving a bad review. Enough, just be honest with me, I can work through most things if you are upfront.

Thanks fellas, respect to you all

Also a great big thanks to good lads, Great trusted sellers.

My favourite sellers, who go beyond the sales Pitch and genuine sellers with decent content and wears.

In no order below.
Handyman Matt.

Genuine Confidential Man here.
No limits,
No judgement,
No shaming,
Just be open, be Honest and Sincere. .
I don't want a Findom, no interest in that.

I don't need to be cash drained, the Tax Man does that already.

If it's just a sell tell me, Dont pretend you are s**ually interested in me to get a sale, I will respect you more and build Trust.You don't need to befriend me to do so.

Turn offs:

Pushy sellers.

Sellers that over promise and under deliver.

Sellers charging ridiculous prices. 

Also I'm not a CASHPIG or CASHCOW or a Loser who wants to give you my hard earned money so dont ask,Don't refer to me as such.

Any bullying or derogatory name calling (which has happened) will be reported and blocked.

Just used Natural man smell, Sweaty balls and sweaty a** , c*ck smell, and prec*m staines.

I'm Trustworthy. Honest, not needy, but open to any fetish or Topic, except sh*t. NO JUDGEMENT ON ANY TOPIC, I'm open minded.

Just for clarity, If I mark your post as liked, doesn't mean I want to buy, I just like.

Thanks fellas, respect to you all

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Steve12 UK

Added a new photo > Bored at work today.

Steve12 UK

Hey, who has got big low dangling bollocks?

Steve12 UK

Careful Lads, Just a heads up. I'm not preaching, but saying be mindful of some of the pics you are posting, if you don't care then fair enough.
Some pics posted have family or friends in the background that are clearly visable to us lot.
Just saying, the couple of guys I messaged have been grateful as they didn't realise. Hope its ok to tell the community.

Steve12 UK

Right lads no messing about. I want to get this sincere seller the full recognition he deserves.
His Body. .. Hot
His Face..... Hot
His Scent.....Yummy and sexy
His Vids & Pics.. awesome, worth every penny/Dime.
His Cum... Very potent and Tasty.👅
His manners, attitude, honesty and an all round fantastic decent kind seller, who will meet your every need.
Seriously, do not miss this Man, try him out, he's worthy.

Steve12 UK

BUYERS, In regard to some extortionate prices for nude pictures. What is the average cost you would pay?


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Steve12 UK

SELLERS In regard to some extortionate variant prices for nude pictures. What is the average cost you charge?


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