Months Of C*m Wiping All Over Graphic Tee

Months Of C*m Wiping All Over Graphic Tee photo

I've kept this tee at the side of my bed as a c*m rag for months. I don't have any idea how many loads I've wiped up with this. But every single drop has been caught on it.

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Cum worn t-shirt

About Sweatbox

Young lad with a mad fetish for socks and lads in boxers, wanting to pa** a little of that sweet sweaty joy onto whoever wants it. 100% willing to tailor your purchase to what you want. Socks and boxers, or any specific requests for underwear type, of I don't have what you're looking for I will be happy to get it for the cost of the underwear. Few limits, I'd rather not sh*t myself. But happy to scratch a few skids in there. Hit me up. Let's get s**y.

Sweatbox currently has 1 items available & joined Male Things Worn 3 months ago

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