Why I Started Male Things Worn: A Young Entrepreneur's Journey to Success and Fulfillment

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Why I Started Male Things Worn: A Young Entrepreneur's Journey to Success and Fulfillment

About Me

Hi, My name Is MasterDomBoss. I have decided to write a blog to talk about why I started Male Things Worn, my experience so far and how I believe this site will be so much bigger.

As a 27-year-old man, I'm one of those guys who has worked over 100 different jobs. You name it, I've done it. I have also served in the armed forces and have now went on to indulge in close protection. Out of every career I've done, this is the best one. I also enjoy weightlifting, running, and boxing.

I joined MTW to broaden my knowledge with internet entrepreneurism and build connections with people around the world. I aim to get to the top of the pyramid, reach the best version of myself with the help of MTW and also go on to encourage other young alpha males who are trying to break the cycle and live outside the general working system towards their goals.

Before I go on to the next part, I'd like to give credit to my Partner who's also a seller on ATW for believing in me and giving me the confidence to not care what others might think of me and start this business. Sometimes all it takes is one person to believe in you, for you to believe enough in yourself to create something powerful. I'm more than happy to be that guy for others now it's been done for me.

Success on MTW

From everybody else’s perspective or what others may think and see, I came on this site and gained immediate success. But of course unless you’re the one who is spending every waking hour working, having sleepless nights and building your profile it would look this way, but the reality is quite the opposite.

As a new seller, not only must you gain trust from buyers and respect from sellers, you must also keep up rapport and produce outstanding quality, all while striving to receive 100% satisfaction with every order, along with ultimate discretion provided. After all, if you don't do everything with 100% effort... Why do it at all?

This being said, if you’re looking for a site to grow your confidence and overall understanding of working for yourself on your own terms, then MTW is the place for you to become your own Boss. It has completely exceeded my expectations and opened so many doors for me as a young male that I didn't know was possible, nor achievable.

Not only have the Admin team gone above and beyond to assist me to the very best level they possibly can, the sellers are never far from a message away if I'm in need of advice or help. And the buyers, well... they make this site worthwhile and are full of nothing but compliments, uplifting words and encouragement.

I've created great connections with some truly exceptional people from all walks of life and sold items to over 10 different countries. And it's given me an insight that everything is not always as it seems, and that you are never trapped in your life, just lacking in knowledge and connection.

The energy and support here is unmatched on any other social media platform I'm on. I feel I have made a lot of people happy here with what I have provided them, and this is fulfilment for me so thank you to everyone I've had the pleasure of exchanging words with so far, it's been quite the experience and I'm grateful to say the least.

Along with the gratitude list, I’d like to give a shout out to a top seller called @Jamessmith8099 who's became a great friend of mine, he always has time, advice and genuine care in every message sent. He's a credit to the MTW community.


To wrap my blog up I just want to say that the site is heading for great things in the future and I can definitely see the potential that is unfolding here. I'm pretty sure not everyone knows about this site but sure will soon, I know that MTW is going to continue to expand and I'm excited to be here for the ride.

If anyone ever needs any help or advice don't hesitate to reach out to me. An Alpha male doesn’t mean you’re an asshole, real Alpha males are humble and respectful.

My goals for this year are:

👉To receive +500 Reviews before end of 2023.

👉Help expand the site and help with its social media marketing strategies.

👉Influence others to join.

👉Introduce ideas not yet suggested or implemented.

👉Recruit more buyers.

👉Help as many sellers as possible.

👉Reach 10k in sales by the end of the march.

👉Gain 1000 Followers by the end of the year.

#Don'tSleepOnIt #MakeAmillionaire #Expansion #SelfLove #SpreadPositivity #Manifestation



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