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I really, I really LOVE stains!!
pi*s stains, c*m stains, sweat stains, skid marks, they’re ALL good!!
And sweaty, smelly socks are always nice!
If it’s worn out that’s a plus too! Gives it more character! Lol
If you’ve got a c*m rag, let’s see it!
(It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so I hope you’re willing to take the time to work on the goods for me!)

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Socks4me US

I keep seeing all these posts for dick ratings.
Send me pics of your nasty, stained underwear, and I’ll rate them!
I like stains, so you better make them good!!


Socks4me US

Does anyone else get off with their own piss?
I have a pair of boxers that I’ve been pissing in in the morning and rolling up and stick in my ass crack while I sleep. I’ve been “playing” with them for a few months now, and they smell so damn good! I rub them on my balls when I get home from work and shoot right away.
Message me or post some of your hot stories! I’d love to hear em!


Socks4me US

I “accidentally” got some piss in my mouth while I was in the shower….and it was delicious as usual….I mean…um…😋


Socks4me US

Added a new photo > Oh no! My dirty, smelly work sock is getting cum now! 😈


Socks4me US

I’m about to be “done” with a few “projects” I’ve been “working” with/on since around October.
Message me if you want details.


Socks4me US

I’m so happy spring is here!!
I’ve been smelling my socks from last year, and they still smell great!!
I wore the same socks (military) all summer, doing yard work, in my military boots.
They still smell fucking hot!!
They actually make my feet stink after I wear them!
(I shoved a fuzz ball up my nose,DON’T do that! I can’t get it all out!)
Is it wrong that I think my socks are the best!?…unless compared to Canadianfeeder!
I’m willing to trade, but want to smell YOU first!!
I’m not a seller because I take MONTHS upon MONTHS of making the smell right. But I think only I like like my own flavor.

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