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Hi Guys! Glad I found this site. Figured if there are guys wanting to buy fun stuff, then there must be guys willing to sell their stuff!

Very easy going guy, very domestic. Love to cook and bake. Enjoy cultural pursuits - museums, art galleries, cla**ic and modern design, etc.

More in line with the theme of this site, love c*m; the flavor, texture, scent and energy of a guys orgasm. Dabble in pi*s a little bit, and of course enjoy the various aromas of a beautiful male body. Spending some time inhaling and tasting your favorite guy(s) can be so therapeutic, as well as erotic and fun!

Located in Southern Oregon. If you're in the area, say hi!

Sellers I've used:

Always_Ripe --
My go to guy for c*m, and a few other items. Has to be one of the best sellers on this site!

PaytonTyler --
Ordered my first pair of socks from him, and did he do me up a pair! Added a brief and a tee to complete the collection from this guy. So enjoyable taking in all of his aromas!!

Viennaboy --
He's new to the site. I watched his instant content video "Drinking own pi*s..." Had to have it so I purchased it from him. I highly recommend it! I'll be keeping a close eye on this guy!!

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Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > At it again :-) Enjoying Always_Ripe’s cum. Like to slowly lick it up and savor his flavor. I love how the taste lingers in my mouth. Try to make it last as long as possible!

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > This instant content from Viennaboy “Drinking own piss” is really good guys - I highly recommend giving it a view! I purchased a copy from him. This one is a definite keeper!

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > Enjoying & savoring the taste of Always_Ripe’s cum. Pour a little at a time onto the dildo and lick it off. Just like the real thing! Delicious :-).

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > Two vials of cum arrived today from Always_Ripe. These will break down into eight servings each to savor and enjoy. Thanks dude for all the effort!!

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > Some more items arrived to add to my PaytonTyler collection! A pair of briefs and a t-shirt. Combine these with the socks he sent me, and wow! - taking in all those masculine aromas from this guy… So relaxing. Thanks Payton!!

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > Recently received this pair of briefs from Always_Ripe. Seven days wear, piss, cum and other flavorful aromas! Damn these are a beautiful pair of briefs. Can’t get enough of them…

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > What a fun way to enjoy PaytonTylers socks! These puppies are intense - great job Payton!!


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Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > Socks from PaytonTyler arrived! They’re my first pair. I’ll be enjoying these guys later!!

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > I guess you could call this: having the right tools for the job! These beauties arrived today. I’ll soon be slipping a pair of socks on their way from PaytonTyler onto them. Great way to nuzzle, bite into, sniff and explore them! Next best thing to having your seller model them for you…

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > Finally enjoyed the cum sample Always_Ripe sent me. It was in the freezer long enough! Kinda sad to see an empty vial, but more is on the way! Damn you are tasty dude!!

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > For all you guys who appreciate this sort of thing, Always_Ripe’s “Jacking Off and Eating My Cum” video is one not to miss!! Possibly one of the best I’ve seen. Definitely one of my favorites. Check out his other instant content as well. This guy is a keeper!!

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > Just purchased this 10 Feet Pic Pack from PaytonTyler. Really nice set! Encourage you guys to check it out (and his other gear!). He’s sending me a pair of socks (my first), Nice guy & a pro. Payton’s made my first-time experience really easy. Can’t wait to see that package in my mailbox!!!

Nouveauguy US

My first cum purchase! Had to give it the taste test before freezing for later. Always_Ripe sent me a sample to try out. Ummm, better start prepping for a big order dude!

Nouveauguy US

Added a new photo > Creamy and delicious!

Nouveauguy US

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