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Love everything about males, particularly the aroma and taste of their crotches. The next best thing to burying my face in a beautiful man’s crotch is to smell his musk when I’m jerking off and imagine his balls pressing against my nose. And of course all men should feel proud of their musk, every man’s is different and there aren’t enough hours left in my life to enjoy them all so at least let me try :) I am so grateful that I can savor the sensory delight of a man’s pheromones even more because of this website, and I thank all of you studs who make it possible. I keep your amazing scents in a treasure chest under my bed.

P.S. If you want to know me better a good point to address is whether or not it would ever be a possibility to suck you off. Knowing that helps me build our engagement into whatever narrative maximizes my enjoyment of your essence, whether it’s “this is the most you can hope for” or “this is a taste of things to come.” So no wrong answers, just turn me on with the truth, with one caveat: being degraded is a turn-off for me till I know you better.

P.P.S. A lot of us buyers spend our days talking to vendors and writing instructions, so it doesn’t feel like leisure time for us to be charged with telling you how you can sell us something. Especially if you haven’t put up much for sale!

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Mens Underwear Naughty Extras

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