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SIR Ahmed's personal cash fag. All purchases go through him.

Servitude is not a fetish. It is my life.

I respond to directness. No small talk, no pu**y footing around. Straight to the point.

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Drain_Me_Daddy UK

Offer me your most extreme and filthiest shit. Clothing, instant content, whenever. I want to be shocked. 3... 2... 1... *Opens inbox* 😳😳😳

Drain_Me_Daddy UK

Looking for Dirty πŸ’© content.

Buyers who are into the same, message me so you can direct me to the right people.

Sellers. Don't flood my inbox. I will come to you if I'm interested.

Drain_Me_Daddy UK

Joined Male Things Worn as a Buyer. Why not say hello?

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