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Single, southern guy with a borderline obsession with the Dark Knight, and somewhat of a spoiled brat.

While this pup is usually content with letting others have control and see where they take my ideas and suggestions, but that doesn't mean I won't work "hard" to please or won't test the boundaries you set, especially if there is a juicy, hard, "🦴" involved.

Looking to be taught what a real man and superhero smells like, acts like, and possibly tastes like if he is pleased with this horny, bratty, little bat boy.

Usually respond to questions or messages fairly quick when not "working" or sleeping, so send a DM if you have an idea or want to talk πŸ€΅β€β™‚

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Batman87 US

Added a new photo > Well, guess it was either a good night or that was a great dream I woke up from......πŸ˜‹πŸΆπŸ˜ˆ. Either way I think a shower is on schedule before breakfast and last day of conference.

Batman87 US

Added a new photo > Pup might need some help taking care of this before a work trip this week.....

Batman87 US

Added a new photo > Trick or treat? πŸ˜ˆπŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ¦‡πŸˆβ€β¬›οΈ....I can assure you there is cream either way.

Batman87 US

Florida coast beach, runners, swimmers, motorcyclists, and an oyster bar for dinner......this innocent Lil pup surely cant can get into trouble tonight, right? 😈🐢

Batman87 US

Added a new photo > Only took 35 yrs and 12ish hrs of driving!

Batman87 US

After just over 12 hrs of driving and 35 yrs, pup is at the beach for the first time!......unrelated, but he might also smell like a hint of piss

Batman87 US

Added a new photo > "Jock" pup is such a good boy he got a head start on trick or treating...hope to find some more cream filled treats πŸΆπŸ¦‡ #MTWHalloween23

Batman87 US

Added a new photo > Pup got permission and was very relieved to shoot last night. Thanks to.those of you that helped in one way or another. πŸΆπŸ˜‹

Batman87 US

Added a new photo > This naughty little pup needs to bust an almost 3 week load before he goes crazy....anybody got any good ideas? πŸ˜ˆπŸΆπŸ’¦


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Batman87 US

To say this pup is getting horny, a little sore, and a bit crazy after not shooting a load for over two weeks would be an understatement...πŸΆπŸ˜ˆπŸ™ƒ

Batman87 US

Pup has developed a really ruff habit of secretly (not so secret on occasion) snapping pictures of "meat" while out shopping or running I bad dog or just really horny and searching for an outlet? πŸ€”πŸ“·πŸΆ

Batman87 US

Added a new photo > Too much of a show for a quick trip out for dinner? Haven't gone commando in a bit πŸΆπŸ˜‹

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