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Been wearing ribbed tanks since I was 4 or 5. I remember my dad would wear one and so I always wanted to wear one, and then growing up I would always wear one usually at home. Then when I started getting some muscle and thought I was a cool guy I would wear them at practice or after games. My mom would never want me to wear them out, she thought they looked ghetto or something. But my dad wore them so I never understood the point lol.

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wifebeater tank top white

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About DrewHerrera

Hello to everyone... So my name is Drew. I am new to this site and never even thought that selling your underwear is a thing... One of the guys I go to the gym with, says that he has been selling his used gym underwear for a while and makes pretty good pay. I have known this guy for 5 years and even roomed with him, and just found this out last week.

I just turned 26 years old, I am straight, but believe everyone has the right to be with who they love. I have always played a lot of sports, starting with wrestling in 4th grade along with soccer. Then wrestling and basketball in Middle school, and then wrestling and baseball in Highschool. I ended up going to a college that paid for me to attend, on a baseball scholorship. Now I play league ball once or twice a week.

I guess you could say that in one way or another since I was young I have spent a lot of time in locker rooms or just at my friend's houses and have smelled some foul undies from time to time. Especially after a long trip back after a game (I have a lot of interesting stories too about underwear pranks, and some hazing we would do with underwear). I ended up over the years getting a ton of underwear. Whether I would get pairs mixed up at a friend's house, or often times I would end up losing my underwear at a party lol... and would have to borrow a pair from a friend. I also had a lot of girlfriends over the years who would buy me new underwear, and so after a while my drawer kept filling up with underwear some were from my freshman year at high schoo when every once and a while I would wear my whitie tightie briefs, especially for wrestling when I would get a boner very easily from rubbing my singlet. I have leggings that I wore for baseball and lots of boxer briefs. Also, some jockstraps that an ex got for me `as a joke and in which I would wear for her during our s**y time together. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have a lot of underwear available. I also wear a lot of wifebeaters, I wear them most often when I am at a construction site, but also at the gym, or just when I am lounging around the house, me in athletic shorts and wifebeater is my most common look.

I am a pretty open and friendly guy and am just trying this out for a new experience. Let me know what you want and I will try to serve as best as possible.

DrewHerrera currently has 6 items available & joined Male Things Worn 1 year ago

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