Rank Socks…As Filthy As Your Mind!😈

Rank Socks…As Filthy As Your Mind!😈 photo

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Hockarmy3778... CA

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I dont wear them once or to the mall.

I beat them. I get them soaked. I abuse them. They can become my c*m rag.. well you get it..?

It’ll take you with me.

Gym, hockey, army, running, c*mming and whole lot of other filth can be accommodated!

20.00 CAD 157

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Socks Sweat Dirty Gym Army Hockey Stains

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Hockarmy37789 CA

Pillow Case -...

There is something raw and primal sleeping next to a man and smelling his body. Smelling him next...

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Hockarmy37789 CA

Hockey Jocks &...

Hockey jocks and jockstraps covered in man scent, sweat, or c*m. If you want one of these smelly...

50.00 CAD 391

Hockarmy37789 CA

Semi Hard C*ck...

1 Pics ready to be unlocked!

Semi hard. Getting ready to stroke and shoot on some gear. Maybe I should trim…😈🤔🐺...

3.00 CAD 24

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About Hockarmy37789

Buying a guy’s scent and used gear should be an experience! Connecting with a man’s scent is primal. Feeding a need. 🐺

I’ve been working with a buyer on here to create something different. Something that will drive your c*ck wild, make your your mouth water, and your holes hungry!

It takes more than a day or 2 to get my gear deep with scent.

I have 3 DISTINCT FLAVOURS for underwear, jocks, and whatever we can dream up!
(My socks come in one nasty, stinky, crusty, combo man flavour…)

1. BODY SCENT; sweat, c*m, feet stink, pi*s, and whatever drives your need.

2. HOCKEY STINK: You get my hockey scent and you will smell like my jockstrap.

3. COMBO: Skates, runners, workouts, games = you’ll get it all & much more. Hell! I might even ask a buddy to contribute!

I’m a bi, married, fit army vet, into sports (weights, hockey, camping, etc.). I love the smell of a well used locker room and sweaty, ripe dudes.

I’m NOT going to follow you back. I’m NOT going to send you messages asking you to buy my gear. I’m NOT joining you on a chat app.

… I will dominate your a** if you think that you can handle it…

Hit me up. If I’m not around I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Extras are free.

Shipping is +15$.

It’s all in Canadian $ making me both; nice and cheap!

Seller, buyer, trades…

PayPal (friends and family): [email protected]

Hockarmy37789 currently has 6 items available & joined Male Things Worn 6 months ago

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