Black Formal Cotton Socks. Ready Loaded.

Black Formal Cotton Socks. Ready Loaded. photo

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GingerFreddi... UK

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Formal black socks. Worn 5 days. Unwashed feet. Well exercised.

15.00 GBP 182

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Black socks formal socks sweaty stink stinking feet

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GingerFreddie UK

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GingerFreddie UK

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About GingerFreddie

Alpha masculine bloke with a kinky exhibitionist side driven a need to please. I like to be verbal and demonstrative in my videos. Really like making things bespoke- whether videos, clothes, c*m/pi*s samples…(insert your kink!). The more adventurous the more horny it makes me

100% natural. Free from artificial additives and preservatives (deodorant being contrary to my brand). If you prefer the male masculine aroma and the scents and stains men make them check out my listings. It’s not just about the clothing. It’s about the story behind the stink. I like them to be personal.

This in kind I love the chat. Developing ideas to make sure you get what you want and get off. Pretty unshockable so if it’s legal I’ll consider - no judgement 😊

Please respect what I sell. It’s for you to enjoy- but not to pa** on without checking with me first.

Unfortunately some items get seized by customs. If this happen I’m afraid this is a risk and I don’t refund. I will send an image of the labels item

GingerFreddie currently has 59 items available & joined Male Things Worn 1 year ago

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