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Choose a singlet out of the handful I have, or buy one. I'll decorate, masturbate, wear under other clothes etc. the garment as you please for as long as you like. If interested, message me and I'll send more pictures of the HS and college singlets I have.

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Redhair US

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About Redhair

My name is Gordon and I'm a Latter-Day Saint, an Expo, and a perv. I'm 5'10, 160lbs, green/blue eyes, and red-hair, and a proud Southerner.
I have men and boys' size 8 (10-12 year old) to Large in underwear, though my standard size is Med-Lrg in underclothes and 10.5-11 US sized shoes. I get most of my undergarments used, but rarely wash them once I start sweating in something nice. Also have work socks, and extras.

Always happy to take special requests, and my personal tastes will almost certainly allow for ANY kink you may have. Exclusive content is available on request as well, and I will happily give testimony of my Mission or discuss my time in the service to the Church if you like. The flesh and the spirit are not mutually exclusive... more so, they are inclusive to one another.

I'll ship free to the US on purchases of $50 or more. Push the limit...

Redhair currently has 3 items available & joined Male Things Worn 2 years ago

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