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Hi there, come find out why I'm consistently in the top 0.01% of sellers on this site. 😏🔥

My name is Alexis, I'm a 25 year old yoga instructor and bartender who loves to get spoiled 😌👑

❤️ Tips?
-CASHAPP: alexisren777



❌un blocking fee: 200 kink coins❌

What I have to offer:
✨Dirty panties
✨Dirty bras
✨Sweaty socks
✨Vials of your choice
✨Goddess trash
✨Photo sets
✨G drive

If you don’t see what you’re looking for above, just message me and ask.

❤️‍🔥 $7 shipping fee on all regular orders, $12 for big shipments.
message me for international shipping details ❤️‍🔥

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Genere: Femmina

Età: 25-30

Etnia: Caucasica/o (Bianca/o)

Misure del Corpo: Atletica/o e Tonica/o

Numero di Scarpe: US 7, UK 5, EU 38

Occupazione: Professionista del Fitness

Iscritto: 10 mesi fa

Visite al Profilo: 155132

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Alexisren777 US

Sexy Well Worn...

Size M/L...

25.00 USD 250

Alexisren777 US

Custom Photo Sets...

Custom photo sets, message me for pricing...

25.00 USD 250

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Alexisren777 US

Aggiunta una nuova foto > Who's going to be the first to spin my humiliation tasks wheel? 😈

6 min. fa

0 | AshleeXXXPantieQueen

Alexisren777 US

I am $26 away from my daily goal! 🥳 make sure to check out my g drive deal and new instant content 🔥

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Alexisren777 US

I just need 97 KC to cash out! Make sure to check out my instant content & lowered prices 🔥

20 min. fa

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Alexisren777 US

My tenga eggs just came in! I have 2 available to claim. Message me 😏💋

22 min. fa

0 | AshleeXXXPantieQueen Cid QueenMommy

Alexisren777 US

So many lurkers and not a single lurking tax paid. 🙄

26 min. fa

0 | AshleeXXXPantieQueen Sexybabe Alaskajane SuccyfuccyfeetwithMolly

Alexisren777 US

I love that even when the buyers aren't buying there's still so much support from other sellers. It makes this site worth it. 🥰🫶🏼

38 min. fa

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Alexisren777 US

I just wanna shake my ass on a beach in Mexico, tacos in hand 😮‍💨 is that too much to ask for? 😩

54 min. fa

2 | AshleeXXXPantieQueen Voche DarlingDirtyToes LolaS WildLoveChild Redfisch MandyHereForYou Gypsyxxx Tootsies_N_Trouble TemptressBee Midsizeliz

Alexisren777 US

It's gets me so weak when buyer asks for a rating and then sends me a dick pic that's clearly edited that they found off the internet. I mean your money do what you want but why do you want me to rate a fake dick? 😩😂😂😂😂

1 h fa

6 | TinyTattedCutie Redfisch Jadorejaas Gypsyxxx EmilyArrowPleases KinkyWAPanties

Alexisren777 US

Ripubblicato un annuncio > Sexy Well Worn Tights

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Alexisren777 US

Making fetish cookies today. 😏 message me 👅

Alexisren777 US

Aggiunta una nuova foto > Sounds about right 😏🥵

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Alexisren777 US

I'd love to get to 200 reviews today! Help a girl out 😉😘

1 h fa

0 | TinyTattedCutie Cid Miss_anna Vixyee Fayewolf55

Alexisren777 US

Place an order so I don't have to go to work tonight 🫢😂🫶🏼

Alexisren777 US

Good night, sweet dreams. 😘 leave me some 🔴 to wake up to 😉💋

14 h fa

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Ripubblicato un annuncio > VS Thong

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Alexisren777 US

I just need 97 KC to cash out! Make sure to check out my instant content. I've lowered my prices 😏🔥

21 h fa

0 | TinyTattedCutie STRyker_Alpha_8 Georgimay_x

Alexisren777 US

I have a 4 day wear thong that's filthy and ready to be shipped 🥵

21 h fa

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