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Hey you lovly members and sellers here on mtw🙋 im a naughty little pig sl*t from Switzerland🐷😈😋 37 years jung and live a very nice and open minded life👍 First of all i have to say im here for the kink in me - also to know new people from all over the world - have some nice chats and satyisfy the kink and pig in me 🧐😂🤪 very specific and also a bit perverse in stuff im looking to buy....i know what i want and looking for...hope thats something you sellers like🙏👍 always up for a nice chat and get to know new like minded people from all over the world🥰....and yes i have a prince albert piercing ☺️....untill then: stay kinky and stinky - kind regards and xoxo your Prince🤪🙋

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Age: 30-40

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Mens Underwear Clothing Naughty Extras

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Prince_Albert CH

Hey sexy Sellers...

Just as a reminder...
After this post il stop saying it out loud for a while - dont want to repeat myself...

Im always looking for Feeders and Cumbulls...

If you want to sell your Cum in a large volume please contact me...
Im always hungry and my freezer always needs a Refill...

Im quite bookd with regulars - ( for them im sooo thankful) ...all the other ones who are interested or willing please contact me...

Even when i was played with - and had my bad expirinces...i still love this site...

For living out loud my kinks
For not beeing judged...
For making new friends and contacts...
For getting to know new likeminded people

For beeing a comunity who holds together
For all the nice Chats and Mails...

Thank you MTW / Sellers and Buyers and thank you @Admin for making this Site as special and great as it is 👍🙏


Prince_Albert CH

Hey everyone🙋🏻

Happy sweaty Weekend to all of you sexy guys...
Finaly summer has arrived 🌞🌞
Hope this Sun is making you guys even more horny...

So dont forget - if you like to feed a hungry and thirsty Pig like me - just contact me🤤

Stay healthy / stinky and kinky

Xoxo yours

Prince 🤴😘😘


Prince_Albert CH

Hey everyone🙋🏻
I wish you all a amazing Weekend💥👍

Even when i got thru negative adventures this week on the site ( a fake Seller who used my Name and stole my money for nothing) im still happy about this Site and what it means to me...

Once again @Admin proof me that we as buyer and sellers are enjoying the privilige of great care - thank you for that👍

Once again thank you to all the loyal Sellers and contacts i made untill this day...

A big Thank you to all of you who are looking and using this Site for what its ment to be...

Thanks to the not "fake" ones
Thank you all who look at this not as a joke
If we stand together the Site cand Comunity can only grow...

Stay healthy / stinky and kinky...

Xoxo yours,

Prince 🤴💔💖♥️🥰😘😘


Prince_Albert CH

Are here any Sellers or buyers with a condition known as hyperspermia?
Would love to chat about it if so - please let me know or contact me 👍
0 | Bigcummeruk


Prince_Albert CH

Who satisfies my hunger for Seed?
There is nothing more sexy and making me horny then collected Nut - ready to be used or play with it...enjoying it for what its ment to be: the most intimate thing a Men can give you - sorry if i repeat myself on here but i just LOVE Cum 🤤

Happy long easter to all of you sexy guys 🙋


Prince_Albert CH

Hey sexy bunnys🐰

Happy Easter to all of you!!

Wishing you all a lot of fun - searching for those big and full eggs 🥚🥚...
If you wish to emty those full🥚🥚and collect the result to sell it in nice full Vials or Jars - let me know🤤👅

Enjoy the long weekend 👏

Stay healthy / stinky and kinky 😈


Prince 🤴


Prince_Albert CH

Hey i wish you all a nice weekend.
Still looking for ripe Bike Jockstraps and also ripe thongs.
Also always up for all items from the brand S8terboy.

And big vials or Jars with frozen Cum.

Love to hear from you guys👍

Untill then - stay healthy stinky and kinky😈

Xoxo - yours Prince 🤴😉


Prince_Albert CH

Hey sellers🙋

Get in tuch / contact with me when you love to be a Cumbull / Cumfeeder...

Always looking for new Feeders who are willing to collect for me - i love to buy huge Jars or big vials of delicus frozen Cum 🤤

Wishing you all a great rest of the week 👍


Prince_Albert CH

Hey i wish you all a nice weekend👍 im still looking to buy a verrrry hard used cumrag - and used and abused ripe Bike Jocks ...let me know piggys


Prince_Albert CH

Sooo hungry for Cum again 🤷🙈
My freezer always needs a Refill😉🤤

Any sellers for huge vials or jars around?
Always up for that😉🤤👅
Let me know guys

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