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* If you don’t read until the end, then you won’t know how to market to me.
*If you are looking for a quick sale, then don’t bother. I have learned my lesson and will only be purchasing from sellers whom I get to know first.
*I will also show preference to those I have some idea of what you look like (face). I only place orders at about 2 per month. I pay immediately and tip for great service

My itch started in school when a leftover pair of underwear in a PE locker caught my interest. These were, I believe, left behind by a football player who I must’ve worn them for several practices. To me the smells were extreme and intoxicating.

I like highly fragrant items (stinky). I don’t like heavily dirty items. For example, normal soil from wearing a sock around the house is perfect but mud or thrashed items do not interest me. I enjoy sweat, pi*s and a** odors but do not like big yellow spots or anything heavier than skid marks.

I am a fan of the cla**ics when it comes to underwear and sport socks. Do you have what it takes to scratch my itch? Brands don't interest me as much as scent.

I am more Dom than Sub. Could be a Sub to the right Dom?

I enjoy workout shirts with dank pit smells, underwear that are musky as hell and socks that smell as if they can walk off on their own.

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Ph3333 US

Pro tip: Your job is to keep your buyer horny. If they think with 🍆 instead of 🧠 then they will be inclined to spend money with you more than once.

Ph3333 US

Added a new photo > @Superkc22 serves up some amazing musky undies. Can’t get enough of them.

Ph3333 US

Buyer’s tip: What can you do when you have a less than successful experience? First is try to communicate and resolve it with your seller. Sometimes that is all it takes. When that doesn’t work then it is time to get help.

Ph3333 US

Pro tip: being genuine is so much easier than cutting corners.

Ph3333 US

Buyer’s tip: Consider tipping your seller depending on the service received. Some sellers have to go out of their way for days to make your items. Leaving a good review and a tip are ways to say thank you. Next tip: what about a less than good experience?

Ph3333 US

Pro tip: Writing a review for your customer is one more way to connect with them and leave a lasting impression of your transaction. When I look back on my reviews, it reminds me of who I had fun with. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something new, but when I’ve had an experience more than a transaction I usually want to do it again.

Ph3333 US

Buyer’s tip: Be up front about your intentions or lack thereof with your seller. Don’t slow down the seller who is desperate to build their business.

Ph3333 US

Pro tip: Marketing is the life blood for your business on here. And believe me you are running a company. Refreshing stock, running sales occasionally and touches with your customers are important keys to successful business.

Ph3333 US

Buyer’s tip: Younger sellers can really be a hot commodity. However, they often times need an extra measure of patience. Many of them live very busy lives and are students on top of that. I have many times needed to practice kindness as issues are worked through, but have yielded some great products in return.

Ph3333 US

@Franek06 is a real guy. He and I chat on a regular basis

Ph3333 US

Pro tip: You are someone’s type. When approaching buyers it is often as much about attraction to the wearer as much as it is about smell. We all struggle with insecurities of some sort. But good news is that you are someone’s type. Find that group of buyers and market to them. But don’t limit yourself there. I’ve personally bought from many sellers who were not my personal type. They often wooed me and won me with their personality and energy.

Ph3333 US

Buyers tip: With a bit of care you can make your purchases last an extended time. Keeping the garments packaged when not being enjoyed is a key. I find adding a bit of humidity to the package also helps keep scents fresh as well as revive orders. Want to know how I do it? DM me.

Ph3333 US

Pro tip: Buyers are human beings too. They are individuals with different needs. Many of us aren’t pigs or are into degradation/humiliation/submission. To assume that we are puts you at a disadvantage when you come at us that way. Pressure sale tactics also turn many off. Help buyers see you as a partner in fulfilling their needs.

Ph3333 US

Buyer’s tip: Be clear exactly what you want on your order. Pay for your order immediately when you make a deal. Treat your seller like a human being. Consider tipping for great service.

Ph3333 US

Pro tip: You are your brand. You represent your business. Look at your profile and communications with an eye for marketing your brand and drawing customers to your product. Not sure what your customers are looking for? Ask them and get to know their needs and how you can fulfill them.

Ph3333 US

Buyers tip: The act of selling on this site involves sharing very intimate parts of a seller. Everyone is going to have different boundaries. Respect those and be thankful for the service they are providing.

Ph3333 US

Pro tip: make purchasing from you more than dirty laundry. Make it an experience that buyers want to have again. Keeping in contact and building anticipation for the great product you deliver will bring them back for more.

Ph3333 US

Pro tip: describe your order completely when you make it in the order. It will be a good record to keep your orders straight. I often get different items than I originally ordered and it almost always happens when the order is named Custom order

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