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* If you don’t read until the end, then you won’t know how to market to me.
*If you are looking for a quick sale, then don’t bother. I have learned my lesson and will only be purchasing from sellers whom I get to know first.
*I will also show preference to those I have some idea of what you look like (face). I only place orders at about 2 per month. I pay immediately and tip for great service

My itch started in school when a leftover pair of underwear in a PE locker caught my interest. These were, I believe, left behind by a football player who I must’ve worn them for several practices. To me the smells were extreme and intoxicating.

I like highly fragrant items (stinky). I don’t like heavily dirty items. For example, normal soil from wearing a sock around the house is perfect but mud or thrashed items do not interest me. I enjoy sweat, piss and ass odors but do not like big yellow spots or anything heavier than skid marks.

I am a fan of the classics when it comes to underwear and sport socks. Do you have what it takes to scratch my itch? Brands don't interest me as much as scent.

I am more Dom than Sub. Could be a Sub to the right Dom?

I enjoy workout shirts with dank pit smells, underwear that are musky as hell and socks that smell as if they can walk off on their own.

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