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If you feel I've earned a tip (or more 😈, I won't argue with you! 😘
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New Prices:
--jocks/underwear/boxers: $40*
--shirts: $20*
--socks: $15*
--sneakers: $100*

*(includes a week of wear, and some fun pics throughout the week of me edging my leaky alpha-c*ck in your selected item).
--add a custom made vid of me, blowing that multi-day, edged up load of stud sperm into/onto the item, speaking directly to you: +$25

--custom vid: $30 (full exposure c*m shots)

--naughty extras: depends. Ask me.

--shipping: +$5 for socks/underwear/boxers/jocks
+$10 for sneakers.

I'm a hard working, hard playing, heavy sweating, average bodied, Midwest guy next door. I'm doing my best to stay fit in my 40s.

I have, what I consider to be, a perfect man scent, and I've been told this. Its not just a rank stench...but rather it smells like the healthy, virile, testosterone produced musks of big swinging bull balls, sperm sp*tting stud c*ck, and well sculpted alpha pits.

I cultivate my scent well through sweating, rinsing only (no soap directly on pits, balls, c*ck, or a**), and applying my own home made tonics (which curbs the mildew/mold, and promotes the scents of my natural musk).

Im into fitness. I have a lot of experience in yoga, love weights and cardio, and im into a regular qi gong practice (I really enjoy the male s**ual energy control techniques).

I have a regular edging practice, and thus, I tend to leak pre-c*m in the bulge of my jock or briefs, throughout the day, as a result, as well as wake up with full morning wood at 40...this definitely adds to the manly scent of my briefs and jocks. I take pride in the scent of my bulge, pits, and a**.

I love working out and sweating into the same jock for days in a row. Same with socks, sneakers, gym shorts, and t-shirts. Ill sniff an item while edging each day...building up a load through the week, the masculine s**ual energy, and the primal man scent... as the week goes on...eventually shooting my load into the bulge, or onto an item... (oof!). I love sharing this process with a buddy!

Glad to sell these well cured masterpieces, or course -- and more! Love making custom video content to accompany the item, and love sending pics throughout the process, vibing with you, involving you in the process (I'm legit hard writing this)...

Let's chat about what you're into? The collaboration is hot for both of us.

Above all, I'm here bc it is fun! Let's have a good time together.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to learn more about me.

⚠️ATTENTION: All individuals or inst*tutions, studies, etc. who use this site or one of its sites and/or a**ociated for studies or projects have no authorization or consent for the use of my profile or my images in any form or forum both current and future. Use without my consent will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal prosecution. NEW SELLERS - IT IS RECOMMENDED TO COPY / PASTE THIS WARNING INTO YOUR BIO ⚠️

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Age: 30-40

Ethnicity Caucasian (White)

Body Size: Average

Shoe Size: US 13, UK 11, EU 44

Occupation: Blue Collar Worker

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Man_Sense US

Dad's Classic Boxers...

I like wearing these to bed...or when I visit my "son" who really has a thing for "Dad"...

35.00 USD 350

Man_Sense US

Black dickie blue...

My US13 dogs will sweat through these bastards, 5 days in a row. My feet smell awesome!-- im...

15.00 USD 150

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Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > Day 4 in this jock. I'm fulfilling a custom 8 days of wear order. Having a great time bonding with my new jock brother, and making custom content for him reach day in this increasingly stinky jock!


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Man_Sense US

Created a listing > Dad's Classic Boxers


0 | P_B SirCumference Batman87 SlutGuy64 Mattchew408

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > Daddy's got morning wood in his boxers! Feels good being a virile, fertile, sperm making man!


0 | Steve12 Adee29 STRyker_Alpha_8 MarriedBear

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > Man... I've had this old jock/thong for like...22 years! It's definitely one of my favorites! I'm contemplating listing it (think of the stink 🤔...after 5 days...on the butt floss 🤤)


0 | Willysbrew Steve12 RipeJ ThatThongGuy Ladwithaload GazLeeds

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > Sold this vintage, 8 day scented, jock! The week long process of building a bond with my buyer through chatting and sending pics, made me so proud of my scent and my manhood! I enjoyed making custom video content for him too, where I shot an 8 day load into the jock! All for just $65!

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > This is my favorite brand of jock. I LOVE it when wearing ball weights.


4 | Steve12 Batman87 RodgerDodger69 P_B AJ_2Hot

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > I love it when one of boys sniff my bulge...

Man_Sense US

Created a listing > Month old NB gym shoes US13


0 | CumDrinker

Man_Sense US

Created a listing > Size small, old jock


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Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > Ever like wearing a jock that is 2 sizes too small? I'm sure it will be stretched out once I'm done with it!


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Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > Getting hard staring at my own bulge!


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Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > All American holiday weekend! I'm proud of my country, and my alpha musk!!!


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Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > I love my no frills country gym. I'm sometimes the only one here. Fun for pics! I got a proper boner showing off my bulge this morning!

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > The dad gut is so big bc it's full of dad jokes. This is where dad jokes come from.

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > Ass sweat theough my gym shorts! Legs day! Got to do it!


0 | Batman87 MarriedBear

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > Hanging out at the ball park earlier! This jock is already claimed by a buyer! On day 4 of his custom order request!


0 | Willysbrew NikeNoshow DinoDaddy STRyker_Alpha_8 The_hung_young_brit Jayce

Man_Sense US

Added a new photo > I've wore this grey shirt a few times, last week...Just smelled it at the bottom of the hamper -- gave me an instant boner!


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