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Athletic, scrub wearing dude nurse (RN) living in East Tennessee ( US). Born and raised in Eastern, Kentucky ( I'm as country as cornbread and have a strong southern accent).

Enjoy working out, sports, and anything outdoors. I have a pa**ion for cars and trucks. Totally into men's feet and enjoy the smell of them, etc therefore, love to buy socks from masculine guys that have a hot foot scent and guys that put some effort into getting the socks sweaty.

Since joining this community I've been receiving lots of awesome emails from sellers from all around the world and I do appreciate the messages and offers :) One thing thats going to be important of whether your profile gets my attention and business is I need to have an idea of what you look like! I'm not asking for a clear face photo if you're not comfortable with that ( I understand and get that) but at the same time its no fun to buy clothing from someone you have no clue what they look like. It's also a huge bonus if I also know what your feet look like as well. Hope that doesn't offend anyone but just being honest.

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@MasterAlex. Buyers please be cautious if this guy approaches you. He breezed onto the site two weeks ago and I spent $100 of my hard earned money on him; he then vanished and I received nothing ! I have reported him to the admins

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