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Filthy/kinky/ripe/fit twinks and uncut cock are my biggest weakness. Love a filthy/hairy/aggressive daddy as well.

Mostly looking to expand my collection of letters/paper with weeks of built up ass/pit sweat and foreskin filth for like $10-15. Not much effort at all just wipe every filthy part of your body off on the paper before every shower for 3-4 weeks. I’ve mostly gotten them trading/posting on Reddit, figured I’d give it a shot here since it’s relatively low-effort and low cost.

Love ripe white briefs, thongs, tees, etc. Skip a few showers for me and really rub your sweat into the fabric. Use it as a cumrag for a few days.

Chat/pics preferred before purchase, I like to know who I’m tasting 🤤

Collecting blank cards and letters with a handwritten note, and a load shot all over the inside. Clean off your ripe foreskin/hole on the inside crease so I can smell/taste you, rub your pits on the outside so it’s the first thing I smell. Circle/point out where every part of you is marked on the paper. Let the whole thing dry fully before shipping. Open to recommendations with this, I’d like to expand my collection.

Love talking elsewhere prior to purchase. Tele gram preferred.

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