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About CoatCheck

Living my BEST life indeed!!!!
Working with the BEST of the best on MTW!

Why CoatCheck?
Because I love to jacket off!!! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

Quote 'o the moment: I'm seeing thru the fakes and not susceptible to flattery, you got a problem with that either f*ck off, or battle me!!!

Married businessman, certified DILF, recently tapped into my Bis**uality with Wifeys full permission to play outside and explore with the boys 😈.....ask me how much fun I'm having with that!!!😜

Switch type who's comfortable playing either role. I'm a Big Boss for a high profile company, and a total Dominant personality by nature myself, so it takes a certain caliber of individual to tap into my submissive side. I've always had a fetish for other Alpha guys feet and the whole Sub/Dom dynamic. Ripe socks and manly musk are definitely my kryptonite!

Love to have fun and approach things with a sense of humour. Pretty impossible to offend, with a naughty and creative mind. Always love meeting people in this awesome kinky community. Reach out for a fun/friendly chat.

Toying with the idea of offering up some content from my own crazy kinky exploits.

Sellers: if I give you a follow, then you're definitely one of my TOP favourites....and buyers, you can trust that the guys I follow will deliver you the real deal quality goods and services!!

Buyers: Always willing to chat and share from my experiences...I've bought from a lot of guys on here and know that being new to this whole scene can sometimes be intimidating. Think of me as a kink amba**ador. Happy to help navigate or just be a friendly ear. I've had bad, good, and GREAT experiences, so hit me up and don't be shy!!

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Mens Shoes Mens Socks Naughty Extras

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CoatCheck CA

Added a new photo > Big shout out to @ThatSouthernBoy for popping my underwear cherry. I've placed dozens of sock orders here so far, but he was my first true legit underwear purchase, and I couldn't be happier with the goods and overall experience he delivered from start to finish. This guy is the living embodiment of the "goldilocks effect"....everything about him is juuuusssst right, and oh so perfect. Don't know how he manages to stay so humble and cool about it, but imma put him on blast anyways. I'm still a sock guy for life, but there's a few other guys around here that just seem to push thru my breaking points to that irresistible level, (some I've worked with and some I'm looking forward to) so I might have to add a couple more pairs of underwear to my collection before my time is up. Hope the other buyers are getting the most out of their experiences as well. p.s. his socks are pretty amazing too, just in case anybody wonders. Buyers take note, and dammit, I highly encourage you to find out for yourselves 😜


CoatCheck CA

Wow!!! This week I received 2 of the best sock orders I've ever had. @Greg079 and @Pharmacist945 are a musk lovers absolute DREAM TEAM!!!! Buyers, don't let yourselves miss out on such incredible scents. Feels like I'm on a good roll here with my last several orders and looking forward to continuing that streak with a few choice individuals.
All in good time....moderation, if I can control myself! 😈😈😜


CoatCheck CA

Added a new photo > Happy Steak and Blowjob day gents!!! (It's a real thing, look it up 😜) Hope everybody here is celebrating in style πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ’¦


CoatCheck CA

Added a new photo > Shout out to the amazing sellers that I've worked with so far, the ones currently working on orders for me, and the ones I hope to work with in the future. πŸ’¦πŸ˜˜πŸ˜œ


CoatCheck CA

Just a 'friendly' little PSA for some of the new sellers out here.... sending a buyer an introductory DM to tell them how much better you are than them and everyone else here doesn't make you a Dom; it makes you a comedian. Especially when you have ZERO credentials to back up your claims.
Insulting someone's wife out of nowhere also doesn't make you an makes you a narcissistic douchebag...
Your momma raised a fool, and your wife clearly has a clown fetish.
Dance, for all of our entertainment like the delusional little jester you are! Hope your next listing is a pair of curly toed socks with bells on the end of 'em.
You are living proof that just because you tie a bedsheet around your neck and call it a cape, doesn't mean you're a superhero....although I'd pay good money to see you jump off a building attempting to fly. 🚫πŸ’ͺ🚫
Now run along and ask one of the REAL Alphas here (who would squash you like the cockroach that you are) for some much needed etiquette lessons.

P.S.....How much fun do you think you're gonna have with me now?!?! 😘

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