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Stepped away for a little while as I dealt with some private issues and made some necessary changes in my life. Same old kinky f**ker here, but with a renewed sense of energy and an even bigger set of balls!

Someone close to me tried to take my private life and make it VERY public. Comes with the territory I suppose, but to prevent that from happening again I'm keeping my account private most of the time for now at least. I will open it up from time to time as I make some new friends around here.

This time around I'm mostly interested in buying from and working with some local boys.
Perhaps an exceptional Alpha could twist my arm and convince me otherwise on occasion.

Canadian sellers, and especially those close to Toronto, hit me up if you think we could be a match. Would love to find a regular to work with and big bonus if you're into creating some kinky content that will be to your benefit (and mine)😜😈

Absolutely love the juxtaposition of being a clean cut well respected Big Boss and loving Dad during my daily life, with a wild and sl*tty little alter ego that only those in the scene get to know about.
I'm definitely an Alpha by nature, but do love the whole dynamic of power exchange and find a sense of pleasure and relief in submitting to another capable Alpha; giving up control and being the one to follow orders instead of always giving them. I'm Bi, and romantically interested in women, but prefer to explore my raunchy kinks and fetishes with other masculine guys.
Musk is my biggest turn on without a doubt.
Raunchy ripe socks are my kryptonite!
Have had a huge foot fetish since I was a kid and find everything about foot play to be irresistible. Have plenty experience in that category both as a Dom and as a Sub.
Got some nice size 12 feet myself that do enjoy being pampered and tended to.
I am a switch, though I've yet to find one person to play out both roles with. Love to have naughty kinky fun with local guys, girls, and couples (MF and MM), and just might share some pics or stories of my escapades from time to time. Always open to chats and if you catch me in the right mood, I'm a bit of an exhibitionist. Might be willing to trade as well if there's mutual interest. My scent and taste is absolutely intoxicating, so I'm told 😜

I'm real, straight forward, and πŸ’―% bullsh*t intolerant. Not into any drama or playing games.

Sellers: if you want to approach me with some generic cut and paste ma** message, or tell me how much you know I NEED what you're offering, save us both the time and energy.
Miss me with that sh*t, and try your tactics on some desperate pig or clueless newbie. Been there, done that, and got the f**kin T-shirt. Chances are I will never have an interest in working with you if I get a bad first impression.

My needs are pretty well fulfilled on a regular basis, so it's gonna take something or someone of particular interest to me in order for me to pay for it.
I only give follows to my TOP favourite sellers that I've worked with or gotten to know and respect and those that I truly believe would offer an exceptional product or experience to the other buyers.
Don't take offense, it's just how I get down as a business Boss myself.

Buyers: Always willing to chat and share from my experiences...I've bought from a lot of guys on here, topped the buyers chart back in the day, and know that being new to this whole scene can sometimes be intimidating. Think of me as a kink amba**ador. Happy to help you navigate thru your own personal journey, or just be a friendly ear. I've had bad, good, and GREAT experiences here and in real life, so hit me up and don't be shy!! I really am an easily approachable person, but I am a busy boy, so a reply might not always happen immediately.

Love to have fun and approach things with a sense of humour. Pretty impossible to offend, with a naughty and creative mind. Always love meeting people in this awesome kinky community. Reach out for a fun/friendly chat.

Best!!! πŸ‘Š

*** To any inst*tutions or individuals accessing this site or any of its a**ociated sites - You are NOT permitted to copy, edit, manipulate, use, show, adapt or change the images, information, or content on my page or the content I post in any of my communications on this site or any of its a**ociated sites in any way, for any purpose whatsoever, without my prior written permission and consent. Any attempt to do so will be considered a violation of my rights and privacy.

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