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Going for a run and plan on making these socks a bit sweaty. I love my calves but I still need them to grow so I'll be heading to the gym post run the work in them!!

These will be sealed and shipped post work out to ensure they maintain my authentic smell. I sweat a ma**ive amount so these can be sent smelly and wet or smelly and dry. Preference belongs to the buyer.

If you have any questions or special requests please reach out

12.00 USD 120

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Socks Goku anime Dragon Ball Super calves fit athletic

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About NerdomApparel

I'm a ma**ive nerd who loves to get dirty and sweaty 😜

Most of my clothing is anime Apparel and I have ama**ed a large collection of socks. I'm here to share then with everyone who wants even if it's just a lil p**p. I've always wanted to be a model because of my Ma**ive Calves so welcome to the show 😜

NerdomApparel currently has 3 items available & joined Male Things Worn 6 months ago

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