OUT OF STOCK Taste My C*m 60ml ( Whole Week's Worth)

OUT OF STOCK Taste My C*m 60ml ( Whole Week's Worth) photo
180.00 USD 1800

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C*mmingJosh US

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Guzzle down a whole week's worth of my sweet juice (7 days) in a 60ml gla** vial. My c*m is frozen each day to keep my mix fresh. This can be ordered WITH or WITHOUT honey added. For orders with honey, a few drops of honey are added, which helps further preserve my c*m for a couple days in room temp, and adds a tasty, slightly sweet flavor. I'll c*m 3 or 4 times a day, working hard to deliver a tasty mix. My juice is sent Next-Day in a thermos with ice packs for freshness.

Your purchase comes with lots of explicit pics of my modeling, desktop wallpapers, and free Next-Day shipping - AND NOW includes a couple of hot masturbation vids (link provided) so you can see me c*mming in action.

What Customers Say:

“…I must say your c*m is amazing.”

“Hey Josh, Your c*m was delicious. Want to order 5 more…”

“Thank you again for your wonderful gifts of life… your semen was very sweet and fresh.”

"You definitely have Grade AAA c*m. When can I get two more???"

180.00 USD 1800

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cum cum-drinking cumshots cum-eating

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About C*mmingJosh

Hi! I’m a published art erotica model and adult entertainer, former pole dancer. Do you have a c*m fetish? I c*m for thirsty fans. My c*mshots are infused with a small amount of honey – making for a yummy treat and they preserve so well. My c*m is frozen in a vial and shipped Next-Day for freshness. Tasting great for you is super important to me, so my costs are a little higher. You can also purchase my used c*m caked thongs, underwear and other products like fine art prints. Have me on your walls or in your mouth...

(PLEASE NOTE: the very small amount of honey is added to preserve my c*m, as it may sit for a day or 2 in room temp, which changes its taste and properties.)

What Customers Say:

“…I must say your c*m is amazing.”

“Hey Josh, Your c*m was delicious. Want to order 5 more…”

"Thank you again for your wonderful gifts of life... your semen was very sweet and fresh. I smelled it first while I m*sturb*ted, then took one of the vials and ate your load and quickly shot a huge one myself."

“Taking a sniff, the aroma was just perfect. I carefully took a taste of you. Better than any flavored water I have had. The aftertaste lingers and I like that it does. It is incredibly addictive. I savor every mouthful. The color is just as it should.  I watched your p**ing video to imagine this savory and satisfying liquid exiting your lovely c*ck. I truly believe you have a beverage sensation at your disposal. I will have a number of drinks the rest of the day so as not to lose its intoxicating taste.”

You’ve never had c*m taste like this… I just love getting naked and horny, c*mming for thirsty fans 🙂

My art prints:
Masturbation videos:
Greeting cards, coffee mugs, etc:

– Josh xoxo

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