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TheFunkisRea... US

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Who’s gonna by my secret weapon sneakers that help me produce the funkiest socks and smells imaginable? Really my secret weapon!!

75.00 USD 750

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Shoes funk

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TheFunkisReallyReal US

Nobody Producing Funk...

Over a weeks worth of wear and tear, dozens of miles walked so plenty of exactly what your...

30.00 USD 300

TheFunkisReallyReal US

Anybody Wanna Pay...

2 Pics ready to be unlocked!

Just trying to get some breakfast this morning...

20.00 USD 200

TheFunkisReallyReal US

Funk, One Weeks...

Socks worn for a week straight, dozens of miles walked, full of funk. Sweat and cheese only ;)...

30.00 USD 300

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About TheFunkisReallyReal

Military Man, producing pure funk… just the way you like! I’ll tell you exactly what you wanna hear! Sometimes Uncle Sam makes it tough to make ends meet and have any kind of life with work, so this is how I try make a few extra bucks to get some of the things in life that make it enjoyable. If you’d like to help me out with that, I’d really appreciate it. My cashapp ($ebp4040) venmo (@ebp4040) and Tips would mean the world. Like I said, just trying to make it in this crazy world ;)
Order something before I head out on a deployment or TDY ;) and maybe I’ll bring you something back ;)

Kik: TheFunkisReallyReal

TheFunkisReallyReal currently has 8 items available & joined Male Things Worn 2 months ago

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