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Enjoy a gorgeous navy blue Nike elastic T-Shirt saturated into my Middle Eastern sweat and musk after a hard workout 🏋️ 😛😋
Tailormade orders very welcome!

39.00 GBP 472

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Sweat gym workout exercise musk

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4 days work with lots of sweat and p** stains 😉 c*m can be added 😋!...

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ExoticLad UK

Just After Hard...

Smelly and musky… don’t resist the temptation, treat yourself tonight!...

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ExoticLad UK

Ripe As F**k,...

Treat your self with this extra hot manly d*ck smell after heavy workouts and sports 🏀😉...

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About ExoticLad

I’m a 30year old professional and football player as well as working out.

Masculine with exotic features….. A true gentleman as well as a bada**….

I own a ma**ive thick and long tightly cut stick that would love to lie on your face through my delicious, ripe and extra smelly underwear…..

Do instruct me what to do in them and yeah… it’s all yours… Why not treating your self some wonderful exotic fun on a night in??

All will be prepared at the moment as well as videoed if asked so you can see my snake 🐍 it’s leaving it’s precious substances in the items you’re purchasing…..

More than happy to add c*m/pi*s and or anything else wished……

Also c*m and/or ur*ne vials 🧪/ condoms are available.

You can choose the intensity level of my ur*ne from mustard deep smelly yellow for a deep pleasure to a mild and watery for a refreshment…..


ExoticLad currently has 7 items available & joined Male Things Worn 9 months ago

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