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KinkyBiDad HR

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Flannel check bu*toned shirt, well-used but well-maintained. Size M/L (EU), colour brown/grey.
Can be customised according to your preferences ;)

10.00 EUR 102

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flannel shirt buttoned well-used worn

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KinkyBiDad HR

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KinkyBiDad HR

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KinkyBiDad HR

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About KinkyBiDad

Just a regular, amateur, 38 y.o. bis**ual dad. Married. πŸ‘° She knows, loves it & supports it.
🍦 Vanilla flavoured by day, a kinkster by night.

❗️As a rule of thumb, everything I list for sale is regularly used, maintained and undamaged, unless clearly specified otherwise.❗️
Some items are brand new, some I grew bored of. Signs of use are more or less present, depending on the item, but they're far from being trash(ed). Also, I fully disclose the state of an item in question, so you know exactly what you're getting.

As a proud owner of a pretty large (and full) closet, there's a bunch of other stuff I might add or I'd be willing to sell, just didn't get to listing it yet. Besides, isn't it more fun if we'd discover those items together? πŸ”

🩲 When it comes to underwear, choose one (or more) of my briefs and let's discuss what kind of scents you'd like me to add. Regular photo/video updates of me wearing them while performing various activities included. NSFW as well ;)

πŸ‘” Shirts (T-shirts, dress shirts) and 🧦 socks available upon request. Occasionally I pop-up with special items, such as coats or shoes.

P.S. If you're more into remaining digital, I have a bunch of pre-made photos and videos for your *pleasure*. I'd also be very happy (khm, horny TBH πŸ™ˆ) to do custom content.
If you have a special something on your mind, don't hesitate to slide into my inbox. I'm always up for spicing things up.

Reviews of your buying experiences are encouraged. Very. :)
I review all of my buyers as well, and so far, not a single hiccup.

KinkyBiDad currently has 13 items available & joined Male Things Worn 10 months ago

Also sells the following:

Mens Underwear Mens Shoes Mens Socks Clothing Naughty Extras

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